Zallouh information, benefits, Middle East aphrodisiac from Lebanon and Syria, is it effective? How well does it work for erectile dysfunction or impotence in a man
November 21 2016

Research review, benefit, side effects
An interesting study in male rats showed that zallouh, when given one time, enhanced sexual activity, and also raised blood levels of testosterone. However, when ferula hermonis was given daily for 10 days, it actually reduced sexual activity, and also reduced testosterone levels. The crude oil from ferula hermonis can enhance erectile function in rodents, however zallouh becomes toxic if used for a long period of time in high doses. In mice, the ingestion of 3 mg/kg of aqueous extract for six weeks inhibited social aggression. Body weight and other sex accessory organ weights were significantly reduced. The ingestion of high doses by male mice resulted in a significant reduction of their fertility.

An effective herbal formula to improve sexual function in a man or woman
See Passion Rx for a product with yohimbe, mucuna, catuaba, and Tongkat Ali that enhances sex drive. Other herbs found in Passion Rx include tribulus terrestris extract.

Evaluation and review
At this point it is difficult to make any firm recommendations regarding the use of ferula hermonis regarding as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Occasional use appears to be safe, but long term use is discouraged until more is known whether or not zallouh is toxic with chronic use. Another herb used for erection improvement that can be relied on is Yohimbe Bark.

What’s in ferula hermonis herb?
Zallouh extract has ferutinin, teferin and teferdin. Ferutinin stimulates nitric oxide synthase activity in median eminence of the rat. The seeds of this herb have daucane esters.

Research on sexuality
Role of ferutinin in the impairment of female sexual function induced by Ferula hermonis.
Physiol Behavior. 2006.
In this study, the effects of single components of Ferula hermonis extract on female rat sexual behavior was tested. Rats had their ovaries removed and hormonally primed with estradiol benzoate and progesterone were acutely treated by oral gavage with ferutinin, teferin and teferdin. Thereafter they were tested for: a) partner preference, b) receptivity, c) proceptivity, d) paced mating behaviour. In the partner preference test, the choice of the female for a sexually active male was not influenced by the different treatments. Similarly, during the paced mating test, the contact-return latencies as well as the percentage of exits from the male compartment were not different in control and treated rats. Therefore none of the three compounds showed the capacity to alter sexual motivation. On the other hand, ferutinin, but not teferin and teferdin, significantly inhibited female receptivity. These results suggest a primary role of ferutinin in the impairment of sexual behaviour elicited by Ferula hermonis extract in hormone primed-female rats.

Activity of single components of Ferula hermonis on male rat sexual behavior.
Int J Impotence Res. 2005.
The influence of the single components of Ferula hermonis extract zallouh on sexual behavior was studied in male rats. Sexually potent and sluggish/impotent animals were orally treated acutely (2.5 mg/kg) and subchronically with ferutinin, teferdin and teferin. Ferutinin alone acutely administered in potent rats was able to reduce mount and intromission latencies, while in sluggish/impotent animals, it induced custom jerseys the same effects and additionally shortened the ejaculation latency, as teferdin did. Both substances increased testosterone levels in rats. Unlike teferdin, ferutinin subchronically administered in potent rats negatively affected appetitive and consummatory sexual behavior, reducing also testosterone serum levels. In conclusion, if repetitively administered, ferutinin was able to stimulate sexual behavior after acute ingestion, but exerted a negative influence on the sexual capacity of potent male rats, whereas teferdin only improved copulatory performance of sluggish/impotent animals.

There are many different species of ferula, some are used for medicinal purposes
Sesquiterpene coumarins from Ferula szowitsiana and in vitro antileishmanial activity of 7-prenyloxycoumarins against promastigotes.
Phytochemistry. 2006.
Two new sesquiterpene coumarins, named szowitsiacoumarin A and szowitsiacoumarin B, and a phenylpropanoid derivative, 2-epihelmanticine, together with nine known compounds, auraptene, umbelliprenin, galbanic acid, methyl galbanate, farnesiferol B, farnesiferol C, persicasulfide A, beta-sitosterol and stigmasterol were isolated from the roots of Ferula szowitsiana.


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