Vegetarian nutritional support for vegetarians who are not getting enough nutrients in their diet
November 15 2016

This product was discontinued buy you can purchase the individual ingredients separately if you need a vegetarian or vegan supplement to fill in some of the important nutrients you body may not get through a vegetarian diet.

Veg Rx by Ray Sahelian, M.D. was made specifically for vegetarians and vegans or those who eat very little meat, fish and foul and thus may be missing, or getting very little, crucial nutrients for optimal health such as vitamin B12, iron, creatine, carnitine, and several other nutrients. As a Vegan or Vegetarian, are you getting all the nutrients for optimal health?

Supplement Facts and ingredients
Amount Per 4 capsules
Vitamin-D 400 iu as cholecalciferol
Vitamin B2 4 mg as riboflavin
Vitamin-B12 200 mcg as cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin
Iron 12 mg as ferrous fumerate
Iodine as kelp 80 mcg
Zinc as zinc oxide 12 mg
Calcium citrate 400 mg
CoQ10 20 mg
Creatine 600 mg
Acetyl-l-Carnitine 120 mg
Flaxseed-Oil 240 mg

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Use by children
I have been a vegetarian for 16 years, and my son is also veg. (we are both ovo-lacto vegs) I am thinking of trying the Veg Rx. Is this something my 5 year old could also take, What would be a safe dose for a child? Thank you for your very informative website. I look forward to trying some of your products.
We have not tested Veg Rx in children, but if his doctor approves he could try one capsule a few days a week.

Q. I’m a (Health conscious) Vegan, and got interested in Veg Rx formula, but I have a few questions regarding it: As we know, Omega 3 from flax seeds and hemp does not contain long-chain n-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. Our body can produce these (some say efficiently). As far as I know only a few percents of Omega 3 fatty acids will be converted. What happens to the rest of it? Why don’t you use algae based DHA instead? (Will the EPA level rise concurrently?) According to the RDA the recommended dietary allowances for an adult male is 8mg/day, it is also a
known fact, that excess Iron can be harmful to your health. Why is there 12 mg in the Veg Rx formula? Regarding creatine, is it a real necessity for Vegans? Even if I don’t train heavily at the gym? (I used to consume creatine years ago, while doing heavy lifting, before turning Vegan).
A. Vegans or vegetarians can take additional DHA if they wish, from algae. It is not possible to include everything required by vegans or vegetarians within a few capsules of Veg Rx, and those who wish to ingest more DHA can do so by taking additional supplements. As to iron, the RDA is about 10 mg for men and 15 for women. Most people using Veg Rx will take 2 or 3 capsules a day. The option is from one to 4 capsules a day. Creatine may not be necessary as a supplement for vegans, but it does not hurt to take some as a supplements, and perhaps it does some good to ingest additional creatine since dietary intake is so low. It would reduce the need for the body from having to make it itself.
Q. I already consume a lot of Omega 3 from a combination of flax and hemp oil, so I wouldn’t need that in a supplement. The Iron supplement would probably be excessive as well (I eat a lot of beans, grain, legumes green vegies). I didn’t think creatine should be a problem (since the body produces it by itself), unless I do heavy training..
Regarding Carnitine / taurine – I’ve heard our body can convert amino acids of one type to another when needed, unless you do heavy training it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve never heard of CoQ10 up till now – but from what
I read, our body produces that enzyme also. In short, I still think that if I have a healthy Vegan diet I can get it all (besides b12 – I do take that twice weekly – Vegeterian forumula). I’d welcome your comments..
A. You may to consult with your health care provider to review your complete diet history and whether you may or not benefit taking Veg Rx. Each person is unique in their needs. Some vegetarians may benefit from taking Veg Rx, others may not need to.

Q.  In my opinion if you use fish oil from cold water is better. Why you use flax seed oil instead fish oil?
A. Most vegetarians do not wish to use extracts from fish since they are vegetarian. It would defeat the purposes to put fish oils in a vegetarian formula if the majority of the users do not wish to consume fish or meat products or extracts.

Q. I would like to combine with Mind Power Rx. Can they be used with SAM-e. I am taking 1/4 of SAM-e following suggestions and proper instructions from Dr. Ray Sahelian’s website. It is working with 1/4.
A. That is a decision you are your doctor would need to make, it is a case by case decision. Some people may do well with the combinations, for others it may not work. We first suggest learning how each one makes you feel separately.