Shilajit capsule and medical use
November 25 2016

Shilajit is a pale-brown to blackish-brown exudate found on layers of rocks in many mountain ranges of the world, especially the Himalayas and Hindukush ranges of the Indian subcontinent.

Research and benefit
Shilajit may be effective in peptic ulcer and has anti-inflammatory properties. It may also enhance memory.
In folk medicine, it has been used to treat diverse clinical conditions ranging from peptic ulcer to bone healing.

Aphrodisiac benefits
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Combining with sexual enhancing herbal formulas
Q. I am trying shilajit capsules, is it possible to mix with Passion Rx with yohimbe and shilajit.
A. We prefer people not take Passion Rx the same day as shilajit capsules. Once you take a break from the use of Passion Rx (which is very potent by itself), then you can try shilajit capsules alone for a few days.

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What’s in it?
A number of chemicals are found in this rocky exudate, including minerals, benzopyrones, and fulvic acids. The composition of shilajit is influenced by the plant species involved, the geological nature of the rock, local temperature profiles, humidity and altitude.

How does shilajit work?
There’s been very little formal research with Shilajit, however one study says it may effect the cholinergic system. In India, shilajit is sometimes used as an aphrodisiac.

Shilajit for infertility
The spermatogenic and ovogenic effects of chronically administered Shilajit to rats.
J Ethnopharmacol. 2006.
The effects of Shilajit on the formation of new sperms and eggs were studied using male and female rats. Shilajit was administered orally to 7-week-old rats over a 6-week period. In the male rats, the number of sperms in the testes and epididymides was significant higher than in the control. In the female rats, the effect of Shilajit was estimated by the ovulation inducing activity. Over a 5-day, ovulation was induced in seven out of nine rats in the Shilajit administration group and in three out of nine rats in the control. It was estimated that Shilajit had both a spermiogenic and ovogenic effect in mature rats.
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Pain relief, back pain and chronic
Where can I find Shilajit in pure form? It is prescribed for chronic back pain and bone and back injuries in the mountain regions of Pakistan. I am suffering from Back Pain after spinal surgery and I want to try a natural remedy with Shilajit as main ingredient.

Antiulcerogenic and antiinflammatory studies with shilajit.
Ethnopharmacol. 1990.
In folk medicine, shilajit has been used to treat diverse clinical conditions ranging from peptic ulcer to bone healing. The present study was conducted to evaluate the possible antiulcerogenic and antiinflammatory activities of shilajit obtained from the rocky mountains of Zarlek, Badekshan, Afghanistan. Shilajit increased the carbohydrate/protein ratio and decreased gastric ulcer index, indicating an increased mucus barrier. Shilajit was found to have significant antiinflammatory effect in carrageenan-induced acute pedal oedema, granuloma pouch and adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats. The results of the present study thus substantiate the use of shilajit in peptic ulcer and inflammation.

Side effects, safety
Another website for supplements had a warning regarding Shilajit, that it should not be taken by people who had ever had Gout. Are you aware of this being a problem?
We have not seen any human studies with shilajit that would indicate any problems with its use in reasonable amounts.

Q. I’m 70 and heard about Shilajit being used for inflammation and mild asthma. Would like to know if there are any side effects for this product. I ordered and received a bottle called Banyan Ayurvedic and hesitant about using it until I get more info on it. Banyan Ayurvedic Shiljit Supplement Facts: Serving size: 1 tablet
Servings per container: 90, Each 300 mg tablet contains: Shilajit (mineral pitch).
A. We have not seen any research with shilajit supplements in humans so it is difficult to know the full range of side effects. Those over 60 should consider taking a third or half a capsule of a new supplement just to be extra cautious. Supplements from different companies may have different potencies.

Q. Can you tell me about mumie, is it similar to shilajit?
A. Please see mumie information.