Rosiridin health benefit and review, present in certain herbs
November 1 2016

Rosiridin is a substance found in rhodiola species and has health benefits.

Phytochemical and analytical studies of extracts from Rhodiola rosea and Rhodiola quadrifida.
Pharmazie. 2007.
Column chromatography of hydrophiic extracts from Rhodiola rosea and Rodiola quadrifida led to the isolation of cinnamic alcohol, chlorogenic acid, rhodiooctanoside, rosiridin, rosavin and the phenolic compounds salidroside, rhodiolin and a novel compound consisting of viridoside with an attached arabinose unit (mongrhoside). HPLC analysis of plant material from different sources and from different collection periods showed a great variability in the composition and in the amount of pharmacologically active compounds contained.

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