Prostate Power Rx review, testimonial – For Prostate Health and Sexual Enhancement
November 25 2016

To provide an all natural herbal formula with important herbs and nutrients that help maintain optimal prostate health as we age.

Prostate Power Rx ingredients
With Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, Stinging Nettle, Quercetin, Quercetin, Lycopene, Beta Sitosterol, Daizein, Genistein, Rosaminic Acid, and several Key Ingredients for support of normal prostate size.

Physician Formulas, Inc., Prostate Power RX, 60 Capsules

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Dosage: You have the option to take one or two prostate pills depending on your need and preference. Some people may wish to take a day or two off a week.

This all natural nutraceutical formula is trademarked by Physician Formulas and formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

This combination is carefully formulated with important herbs and nutrients to provide optimal prostate health. This prostate formula is made from high quality raw materials. Manufactured by a GMP certified facility.
Prostate Power Rx, a natural urine flow formula
Supplement Facts and ingredients:
Saw-Palmetto extract (standardized to contain 45% fatty acids – serenoa repens fruit).
Stinging Nettle (urtica diocia root). You can buy Stinging-Nettle here.
Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinales leaf)
Phytosterol Complex (Beta sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, and brassicasterol).
Pygeum 4:1 bark extract (Pygeum Africanum).
Daidzein (standardized to contain 40% isoflavones)
Genistein (standardized to contain 40% isoflavones).
Lycopene (Lycoperscion escatatum fruit).

Testimonial, less urinary frequency
For some time now I have been taking Prostate Power Rx and the symptoms that lead me to take it were waking several times during the night to pee, poor flow of urine, frequent urination during the day and dribbling. I am happy to say that the most serious of the symptoms have been dealt with. In the beginning I was taking two capsules every day in the morning. After four months I started taking only one capsule per day and now on the eight month I am taking one capsule on alternate days.

Combining with prostate medications, interactions
Use with Avodart or dutasteride, Proscar or Propecia
Can I take Prostate Power Rx if I am taking Avodart medication? What about with a probiotic supplement?
A. Some people find the daily use of Avodart causes side effects, especially decreased libido and erectile function. Perhaps alternating one day of the prescription BPH pill and another day of the natural prostate herbal formula could minimize the Avodart side effects. Yes it can be taken with a Probiotic or Prebiotic supplement.

Use with Proscar or finasteride
My doctor has me on Proscar for prostate issue. Can I add Prostate Power Rx as a prostate formula to my regimen?
A. Proscar can cause side effects such as lower libido or sexual interest or even difficulty with erection. You may ask your doctor if you can take the Proscar every other day while substituting the Prostate Power Rx on the off days from the BPH treating medication. Proscar and Avodart are very effective in helping with prostate enlargement, but many times patients are helped by these drugs by taking a lower dose or by taking them less frequently.

Q. I am under treatment for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy). I am currently taking Terazosin 5mg daily. Can Prostate Power Rx help treat my prostate enlargement?
A. FDA does not allow us to make any claims that supplements help treat or cure a medical condition. If we did, they would classify these natural products as drugs. All we are allowed to say is that Prostate Power Rx supports a healthy prostate gland. We can’t say that it treats BPH.

PSA test
Q. Should I get a PSA test?
A. Many doctors insulate their patients from the complexities surrounding the PSA test, and instead decide on their own whether to screen for prostate cancer or not. Fewer doctors are not ordering this test for their younger patients.

Use with Passion Rx herbal sex formula
Can I take Prostate Power Rx the same day as Passion Rx?
A. We suggest you not take them the same day. In the long run, Passion Rx may only be needed 2 or 3 days a week since it is potent and you can take the herbal prostate formula on the days when you are not taking the aphrodisiac formula.

Products formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. with careful research over several years
Joint Power Rx for joint health with curcumin, glucosamine,
Chondroitin, MSM, and more
Prostate Power Rx for prostate health.
Prostate Power Rx has some sexual enhancing benefits. See the doctor’s website for information on how to treat impotence with natural herbs.

Prostate Power Rx testimonial
Just a note you might pass on to takers of this supplement: My husband has been taking this for over three years and notices a great difference in the less frequency of going to the bathroom. However, he now sees that it appears to be less effective than when he began taking it in the first place. What he has found out (by accident when he went on a trip and forgot to take the capsules with him) is that if he stops taking them for two weeks every once in a while, and then begins again, the effectiveness of the supplement goes back to its original strength for a period of months. We love your web site!
Another reason to take breaks from supplement use.

Other prostate formulas sold online on in stores
Would you, please, enlighten me about how subject product compares with Sabalasan prostate1.
A. We are not familiar with Sabalasan prostate1 formula.

Young adults, hair growth
Q. I would like to know if I could give my 21 year old son the Prostate Power Rx Supplement. He has thinning hair at the crown and I read that saw palmetto and beta sitosterol may help with hair thinning at the crown. I read this in a natural cure book. I would like him to try the supplement if it is okay for a man that young to take it. My father has prostate cancer and I thought that the supplement may help prevent and enlarged prostate later in life for him.
A. This product was made for the over 45 group of people for prostate health. This product does have saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, but we don’t know if this product is effective for hair loss or hair growth. We also don’t know how safe it is in a 21 year old to take for decades to come. We think it is safe to use one capsule every other day, but we have no way of knowing the benefits and risks when used for decades. Please have approval by his doctor.

Q. I have been purchasing Prostate Power Rx. Do you intend to add to this product, selenium, zinc and pumpkin seed?
A. Zinc and selenium are minerals that accumulate in the body and many people get these through their multivitamins. Excess levels of these minerals can be harmful to health. The amount of pumpkin seed to be effective is quite large and the small space in a capsule does not allow for pumpkin seed to be added. Companies that do have pumpkin seed in their capsules most often have so little that it is of no value.

I’ve been observing several prostate supplements ads where it is mentioned, in almost all of them, that improve the urine flow and prevent the enlargement of the prostate, even reducing it to its normal size. What is your position to this respect, knowing that your company carries this item for sale named Prostate-Power-Rx.
The FDA does not allow claims to be made regarding the treatment of a medical condition by a supplement. BPH, or enlargement of the prostate, is a medical condition and a company that claims their prostate formula shrinks the prostate gland or improves urine flow is violating FDA rules since it is claiming that their product improves these symptoms and signs. We make no such claims with our product only to say that it supports healthy prostate gland function, a claim allowed by the FDA.

Combining with medications, Levitra, Lipitor
I am 73 years old male had radical prostatectomy 12 years ago. My psa level has been .01. I take Levitra for ED issues but more often than not was not effective. i had a mild stroke 2 months ago and currently taking metoprolol 12.5 mg daily, warfarin 12.5 mg daily, Lipitor 10 mg daily, fish oil, vitamin b complex and vitamin d3 daily. am i good candidate to use this supplements?
We appreciate your email but we are not in a position to offer specific advice but we have not had any negative reactions reported to us thus far from users who take medications.

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