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A company with high quality products formulated by a medical doctor
November 25 2016

High quality nutritional products
Physician Formulas is a supplement company based in Irvine, California with a very strong presence on the internet and is one of the most respected and trusted internet supplement companies in the world. Part of its success rests on the fact that it’s primary expert consultant is Ray Sahelian, M.D. (visit this site to subscribe to a free Natural Healing Secrets newsletter) who is the most respected nutritional supplement expert in the world. Physician Formulas carries products formulated by the doctor. Dr. Ray Sahelian writes a monthly newsletter called Supplement Research and Natural Healing which is sent  to more than two hundred thousand newsletter subscribers. The newsletter is free and people can sign up for it at their website.

The following products are formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.
These products are available at the web site.

These natural products are also carried on the online store

Diet Rx is a potent appetite suppressant. Diet Rx has ginger, green tea, hoodia, spirulina, garcinia cambogia, and a number of appetite suppressing herbs and nutrients.
Eyesight Rx for better vision. Eyesight Rx improves visual acuity for daytime and nightime activity.
Joint Power Rx for joint health with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, curcumin, CMO, and additional nutraceuticals. Joint Power Rx helps those with degenerative joint disease.
Mind Power Rx for better brain function. Mind Power Rx improves mental function and alertness.
MultiVit Rx for daily multivitamin and mineral supplement for more energy and vitality. Multi Vit Rx is a potent vitamin and mineral formula.
Passion Rx for sexual enhancement and more libido in men and women. Passion Rx has tribulus terrestris, maca, tongkat ali and several other potent sexual boosters.
Prostate Power Rx for prostate health. Prostate Power Rx has saw palmetto and several other phytochemicals.

Reviews and testimonials
I always enjoy shopping at Physician Formulas. The products are mailed promptly. One time there was a mangosteen item missing and I emailed them. Within a few minutes my email was responded to and they said they would ship another mangosteen bottle. Great service, low prices.

Shipping to UK, England
I have such high regards to this company, namely Physician Formulas. I live in Kent, England and I order my products from them, I have placed eight orders thus far for Prostate Power Rx and Passion Rx and each time they arrive promptly. Not just that, but the products work wonderful for my sex life. My wife is quite pleased.

Pets and animals use these products, too!
I have a 13 yr old female dog of Queensland Healer / German Shorthaired Pointer who is insulin dependent diabetic, blind and who is medically documented with tumors too large and too numerous to operate on. Her care for the past 3 years is based on a wholistic diet of raw chicken/turkey canine food, filtered drinking water, Humalin N insulin and non-grain treats. Her environment is one of great love and comfort. Approximately two months ago I began giving Jersy Physician Formulas supplements, as part of her regiment, and I am writing to tell you about the effect it has had on the tumor growth in her. A large and pressing tumor on her sternum area, which could not be operated on, while pressing on her throat, causing her to “cak”, has started to reduce in size and feels as if it is breaking into parts. Carefully feeling around, I can feel her breast bone, unlike before. Many of her other tumors running along her breast bone and ribs appear to be doing the same action of reducing in size and/or dissolving. When lying on her side, she seldom “caks”, whereas before, she had many episodes each day. Along with blindness, which she, and I, have learned to handle, Jersy’s muscle masses had begun to atrophy and her body was becoming boney, aside from the tumors. In noticing the reduction in tumor mass, I also am noticing an improvement in her muscle strength and body shape. In many ways she is doing better than what was normal over the past 3 years. The following Physician Formulas supplements are what she is given 1x a day (with missed days each week): MultiVit Rx, Joint Power Rx,
Mind Power, Mangosteen, Serrapeptase. Just in the past several days has it become completely obvious that Jersy’s tumors are undergoing a change for the better. I will let you know if any other changes occur that can only be traced back to Phyician Formulas supplements. Is there any known therapy that could help her blindness or reduce her dependence on insulin? I also am taking the Physician Formulas supplements, and as a polio survivor, experiencing PPS, I am pleased to say I feel less fatigued, clearer minded and my reserves of energy go farther for the most part. My libido is also benefitting! Thank you.

I noticed that Physician Formulas products say certified on them. I wondered who certifies the strength and purity and lack of heavy metals in your products.
Most of the nutraceutical products are made a NHK Laboratories. This lab is regularly evaluated by the FDA to make sure all ingredients and the manufacturing processes are within FDA guidelines.

Does Physician Formulas ship products to Canada?
A. Yes, almost all products can be shipped to Canada except for yohimbe, kava, DHEA, pregnenolone, and a couple of other supplements. The web site mentions the ones that they can’t ship to Canada.

Refrigerate products
I have purchased several months supply of Wild Fish Oil and KriaXanthin krill oil. Should I refrigerate my supply until use. Especially with the summer months coming I am concerned about the product becoming rancid.
Yes, we recommend fish oils and krill oil and flax seed oil to be refrigerated. Probiotics should also be in the refrigerator.

I would like to know if all of Physician Formulas products are analyzed to see that they do not contain contaminants, heavy metals or prescription drugs? There have been many instances lately of herbal products being loaded with actual drugs to make them work. I am sure you wouldn’t do that, but I wondered if everything was tested by you.
The ingredients in the company’s products go through several testing steps. Firstly, the raw material supplier does the HPLC testing, then the manufacturer reviews the certificates of analysis, then Dr. Sahelian, their scientific advisor, goes over the certificates of analysis and in many cases tests the products on himself and the rest of the research team takes the products themselves to make sure the products are effective and safe. Physician Formulas never uses any drugs in the sexual enhancement products or any products. Often drugs are present when companies buy herbal blends from China or other countries. Physician Formulas never buys blends, only individual single herbs. Passion Rx has been on the market for four years with a very strong internet presence, and we would not be surprised if the FDA or other organizations have tested Passion Rx to see if there are drugs in this product. Physician Formulas guarantees there are no drugs in the formulas. Having said all this, it is impossible to guarantee that 100 percent of the products will be completely pure 100 percent of the time. We live in an imperfect world and human error can sometimes occur, just as it can in any field or any business or by any organization.

Does the company share its list of subscribers?
Some health media websites share users’ search terms with outside companies that track consumers and target advertising, but not PF.