Neptune Krill Oil supplement and how it compares to fish oils, benefit, dosage
November 15 2016

Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans eaten by the blue whale. The oil contains a high proportion of EPA and DHA, fatty acids found in fish oils. Whether krill oil offers clinical benefits and health improvements that are significantly beyond what fish oils provide is not clear as of 2016.

Schiff MegaRed products
2007 – Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. has entered into a distribution agreement with Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. for the distribution of Neptune Krill Oil under the brand name Schiff MegaRed. Schiff MegaRed is expected to become available in the consumer mass market in the United States with an initial product launch through Costco planned for January 2008. Neptune Krill Oil supplement safety and health benefits have been demonstrated by clinical studies. The results of a clinical study on hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) have shown that Neptune Krill Oil may reduce total cholesterol levels, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, while increasing HDL (good cholesterol). Another clinical study has shown that Neptune Krill Oil can reduce an inflammation biomarker (CRP) and can improve arthritic symptoms. In order to satisfy the continuously increasing public demand for safe and effective natural products for cardiovascular health, Neptune and Schiff Nutrition have joined efforts to make Schiff MegaRed readily accessible to the consumer.

Neptune Releases Final ADHD Study Results Showing Beneficial Effects of Neptune Krill Oil
2007 – Neptune Technologies & Bioressources
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. is pleased to announce positive final results of the effect of Neptune Krill Oil on adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD. The non-randomized Phase I open label clinical study, entitled “Evaluation of the effect of Neptune Krill Oil on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD”, was initiated by the International Organization of ADHD and conducted by Barry University in Miami Shores, FL, USA and private naturopath Clinics in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of Neptune Krill Oil on adult ADHD as measured by Barkley’s Executive Function score of behaviour inhibition, daily functional capacity and social behaviour. Thirty otherwise healthy adults with a confirmed diagnosis of ADHD taking a 500mg daily dose of Neptune Krill Oil were originally enrolled in the study of whom 25 (83%) completed 6 months of treatment. The five (16%) patients who did not complete the study were lost in follow-up. No adverse events were reported amongst the 30 patients recruited at baseline during the course of their treatment. According to the company, after 6 months of treatment the 25 patients who completed the study showed a statistically significant improvement in all Barkley’s Executive Function scores. In particular, patients improved their ability to concentrate and their working capacity by 60%, their social skills by 48.8%, their ability to manage money by 34, their driving capacity and road-safety skills by 34, their ability to focus by 39 and their planning skills by 50%. For more krill oilinformation.

About Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.
Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. develops nutritional products from underexploited marine biomasses, such as krill, with its patented extraction process (Neptune OceanExtract.

Krill oil supplementation questions
Would applying krill oil on an neuroma help it?
We have no experience with this approach.

I stumbled across your website while researching krill oil on the internet. I have recently been prescribed 1000mg per day by a naturopath, to reduce my cholesterol of 7.6 (although my blood tests show that my HDL is above average). My weight is within the healthy range, my diet is very good, I don’t smoke and rarely drink, and exercise regularly. Therefore my GP is a bit surprised that my cholesterol is so high (LDL specifically). He suspects that it’s because of my age – I am 55 and have settled in to post-menopause (which is nothing to celebrate!). My cholesterol has always been fine until I started menopause, although I am also under a lot of pressure in my job, and I don’t think stress helps! I also suffer a little bit of arthritis in some joints. I am hoping the krill oil reduces my cholesterol as my naturopath claims that it should. However, I am wondering if 1000mg is the right dose – too much or too little? I am taking the Metagenics cheap authentic jerseys brand of capsule, which is Aud $59 for 30 capsules. On my budget that is quite expensive, although I am happy to find the money if the benefits outweigh the costs. I am also wondering if it’s more beneficial to take krill oil at night or in the morning. I can’t find any information about that on the internet, and am wondering if you and your team have any thoughts on that.
We don’t think it matters what time of day it is taken as far as cholesterol levels are concerned, but we prefer most supplement pills to be taken in the early part of the day.

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