Multi Vit Rx review, benefits and side effects, testimonials and ingredients, where to buy
November 25 2016

Multi Vit Rx is a top selling multivitamin and mineral product along with Mind Power Rx, Diet Rx, Eyesight Rx, Passion Rx, and Prostate Power Rx. All the products are formulated by world renowned medical doctor and bestselling author Doctor Ray Sahelian, M.D

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Products formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. with careful research over several years:
Joint Power Rx for joint health with curcumin, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, cat’s claw,
Boswellia, devil’s claw.
Prostate Power Rx for prostate health with
beta sitosterol, saw palmetto, pygeum.

Why take a multivitamin supplement?
While many people get enough vitamins from a healthy and balanced diet, others should take a multivitamin supplement to help maintain a healthy body.

Children and pregnant women need more vitamins than the average person, and may be prescribed a multivitamin by their doctors, says the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Other candidates for a multivitamin include people whose illness prevents them from absorbing enough vitamins from food, or people who don’t or can’t eat enough vitamin-rich foods.

Benefits noticed the same day:
More energy and motivation
Better focus and alertness
More drive and motivation to get things done.
A sense of wellbeing

Ingredients in this multivitamin product
Vitamin B natural complex including methylcobalamin
Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, how much vitamin C do you need a day?
Vitamin E natural and synthetic forms are available, along with a tocopherol complex.
Minerals including calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
This multivitamin product does not contain vitamin K.

I have heard multivitamin and mineral supplements should be separate products but now Multi-vit Rx supplement combines the two?
There is no right or wrong answer in terms of combining vitamins and minerals or taking them separately. There is also no general agreement in the medical or nutritional community as to the ideal dosage or combination of vitamins and trace minerals to supplement. Each person has a different diet and people live in different parts of the country or the world and what works for one person may not work for another. The body has an ability to a certain extent to use what it needs from supplements and most often get rid of the excess.

Benefit for heart health
Taking multivitamins may help women without cardiovascular disease to ward off a heart attack. Dr. Susanne Rautiainen of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden followed 31,671 women with no history of heart disease and 2,262 women who did have cardiovascular disease for about 10 years. The women ranged in age from 49 to 83 at the study’s outset, and about 60 percent in each group used some type of dietary supplement. Among the women who initially had no heart disease and did not take any dietary supplements, 3.4 percent had heart attacks, compared to 2.6 percent of the women who took multivitamins plus other supplements; this translated to a 27 percent lower heart attack risk with vitamins. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, online September 22, 2010.

For dogs and cats, pets
My dog needs a good vitamin / mineral/herbal supplement to make up for what is lost in the making of kibbled dog food, even the high quality ones. What is available out there is terribly confusing. Would it be all right to share my Multivit Rx with him? Or are some of the stuff in it inappropriate for dogs, or some things essential to them missing, or there but in the wrong proportion for them.
One capsule of this multivitamin product a few times a week should be fine, we do not think a daily dose is needed but 3 or 4 times a week seems reasonable.

No longer in stock
Veg Rx for vegetarians with Coq10 and several other herbs missing in a vegetarian diet.
Good Night Rx for better sleep with kava, 5htp, and valerian root extract

Availability and other products sold online or in stores
Multivitamins are available in chewable tablets, capsules, tablets you swallow, and in liquid form. It’s important to follow the package or doctor’s instructions when taking a multivitamin, the NLM says.

We have been using / importing large scale for distribution in Scandinavia the products Empowerplus and Equilib. These are high dosed multivitamin, mineral, Amino acid plus botanicals dietary supplement products. Due to information on Marshall Protocol we are looking for a replacement that does not contain Vitamin D, and wonder if you have such a product.
Our multivitamin product does contain vitamin D.

Does your company make or sell anything close to the liquid vitamin supplement called Intramax?
We don’t have Intramax, but you can consider Green powder formula and a multivitamin product.

Use with other nutraceutical supplements and formulas
I had been taking a number of supplements per the recommendation of another mind book out there religiously. I have had a very hard time sleeping the last few days and have been having increased levels of anxiety. I have been following the exact prescribed dosages in this other book. After reading about overstimulation I decided to purchase Mind Power Rx (much lower dosages than what I was taking). I would still like to take a multivitamin, from what I understand, I should take the multivitamin on days I am NOT taking Mind Power Rx? Is that correct?
Yes, we suggest not taking them the same day, and to have at least one day a week when neither pill is used.

I am considering the purchase of Multivit Rx and Mind Power Rx. I am a 21 yr old male who frequently is tired even though I am fairly healthy. I was wondering if it is recommended to take both of these supplements. I am searching for more concentration for my studies as well as the drive to go work out. I want to work out but often find myself too tired and even tired afterwords, thus making me not want to.
These are potent mental and physical energy boosting supplements and it is best to alternate their use rather than taking them the same day.

Can you recommend a multi vitamin similar to the Mult Vit Rx that I can buy in a drugstore or health food store. I don’t want to pay too much and find that ordering it online as I live in Canada.
We are not familiar with other brands so we don’t know. However, since this is a potent formula, most people find one capsule a day works well for them and the bottle can last 4 months. Some people take 2 caps a day and take 2 days off a week. Nevertheless, a bottle often last much more than 2 months. And if you buy 2 bottles at a time, your shipping cost would be the same.

Regarding Multi Vitamin Rx — does one have to take 4 pills to get the maximum amount of each vitamin. For example, the instructions say one serving = 4 pills.
There are 120 pills in this multivitamin bottle. It takes 4 pills to reach 400 iu of vitamin D. Most people do fine with one capsule or two capsules a day, so if a person wishes to take more than 400 iu of this vitamin, a separate supplement would be needed.