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November 30 2016

Maca review, benefits, where to buy high quality product
Maca is a root-like vegetable shaped like a radish that grows high in the harsh climate of the Andes Mountains in South America at elevations up to 15,000 feet. For more than two millennia, native Peruvians have used it as food and medicine, to promote endurance and improve sexual interest and fertility.

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Maca Root powder 500 mg per pill (Lepidium meyenii)
Suggested Use and dosage:  1 or two maca powder capsule in the morning, or as recommended by your health care professional.

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Dosage, how much to take
Some people may do well on one gram a day, others may require 2 or 3 grams a day. Most people notice the effects after a few days. It is difficult to give a precise number of days since each person is different. As with most herbs, we recommend taking breaks from use. It is legal to import it into Canada.

Contents of maca product, no stimulants
Q. Does this supplement, maca, contain caffeine or ephedra? What is the stimulant?
A. Maca extract contains sterols, uridine, malic acid, macamides, and glucosinolates. It does not have caffeine, ephedra, or artificial stimulants.

How does maca powder supplement work to improve sexual health and energy levels?
Maca herb extract contains sterols, uridine, malic acid, macamides, and glucosinolates. Oil components include phenyl acetonitrile and benzaldehyde. Many of these compounds have an effect on the central nervous system. The mechanism of action is presently not well understood, but probably seems to be independent of a hormonal effect since studies show maca does not influence blood levels of hormones in a significant way, for instance testosterone. It does not contain ephedra or caffeine.

Combining, interactions with dietary supplements and with natural sexual enhancing herbs
This herb can be taken with low dosages of Tongkat Ali. It can also be taken with fish oils.

Herbal formula mix
Q. I’m looking for a supplement that has if possible only muira puama, catuba, tribulus and Peruvian maca because my Doctor told me to stay away from Horny Goat Weed and things like yohimbe because I have high blood pressure. Do you know a supplement like this.
A. We are not aware of a supplement that has only Peruvian maca, muira puama and the other herbs you mention, but you could purchase them individually.

With or without food
Q.  I have recently purchased maca and tribulus. I know the correct dosages for these supplements but could you please tell me are these supplements best taken on an empty stomach or with meals.
A. A good option is to take them 20 minutes to half an hour before breakfast, but over time you can test on yourself whether you prefer them before or with breakfast.

Review of Research articles, sexual desire enhancement
A human study confirms the rodent findings. Researchers at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, in Lima, Peru, performed a 12-week double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial in which active treatment with different doses of maca was compared with placebo. Men aged 21-56 years received 3 g. An improvement in sexual desire was observed with maca at 8 weeks of treatment. Serum testosterone and estradiol levels were not different in men treated with maca than in those treated with placebo.

Another study was designed to determine the effect of a 4-month oral treatment with tablets of maca on seminal analysis in adult normal men aged 24-44 years old. Nine men received tablets of maca (1500 or 3000 mg/day) for 4 months. Serum luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin, testosterone and estradiol levels were measured before and after treatment. Treatment with maca resulted in increased seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculation, and sperm motility. Serum hormone levels were not altered.

A human study confirms the rodent findings. Researchers at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, in Lima, Peru, performed a 12-week double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial in which active treatment with different doses of maca was compared with placebo. Men aged 21-56 years received 3 g of maca. An improvement in sexual desire was observed with maca at 8 weeks of treatment. Serum testosterone and estradiol levels were not different in men treated with maca than in those treated with placebo.

Depression and mood, effect on the mind
Effect of three different cultivars of Lepidium meyenii on learning and depression in ovariectomized mice.
BMC Complement Alternative Medicine. 2006.
Lepidium meyenii, known as Maca, is a Peruvian hypocotyl growing exclusively between 4000 and 4500 m altitude in the central Peruvian Andes, particularly in Junin plateau and is used traditionally to enhance fertility. Maca is a cultivated plant and different cultivars are described according to the color of the hypocotyls. The study aimed to elucidate the effect of Yellow, Red and Black Maca on cognitive function and depression in ovariectomized (OVX) mice. In all experiments OVX mice were treated during 21 days and divided in four groups: control group, Yellow Maca, Red and Black. Latent learning was assessed using the water finding task and the antidepressant activity of the three varieties of Maca was evaluated using the forced swimming test. Animals were sacrificed at the end of each treatment and the uterus were excised and weighed. Black was the variety that showed the best response in the water finding task, particularly in the trained mice. The three varieties were effective to reduce finding latency in non trained and trained mice. In the force swimming test, all varieties assessed reduced the time of immobility and increased uterine weight. Black Maca appeared to have more beneficial effects on latent learning in OVX mice; meanwhile, all varieties of Maca showed antidepressant activity.

Fertility and infertility
Some natives use it to improve fertility.

High blood pressure, hypertension
Can a patient with hypertension on blood pressure drugs use maca herb.
A. In low dosages probably, depending on how serious the hypertension is and which medications are being used.

Menopause symptoms relief
I was at your website looking for side effects on maca when I noticed someone asking whether it works for menopause. I have hot flashes and really bad night sweats, to the point where I would wake up a lot during the night. I heard about maca and started taking it. The first week I took 6 – 600mg capsules a day the first week. The second week I took 3 a day. By the middle of the second week all my symptoms were gone. Not just alleviated, but actually gone. I couldn’t have been happier. My mood swings and depression were gone too! By the end of the second week, I developed a bad case of diarrhea that lasted for two weeks. I stopped taking the maca at the onset of the diarrhea. I waited about two weeks before I tried it again. This time I started with 3 capsules right after I ate. About an hour later I felt very nauseous and threw up. I felt better right away. I’m going to try again in a few days to see if I’m having a reaction from the maca or if it was some kind of fluke.

Prostate gland, BPH
There is no evidence yet that the use of maca herb supplements will lead to an enlarged prostate or influence the gland in a significant way.

Combining with antidepressants
Since I take 37.5 Mg of Effexor XR venlafaxine hydrochloride, a SNRI, daily, will there be any problems in taking maca extract along with this SNRI antidepressant medication?
We are not aware of studies that have combined maca with SSRI or SNRI drugs. It is best to learn how each medication and herb works by itself before combining.

Is it safe to take it with Sarafem, fluoxetine, Prozac?
One needs to be cautious combining maca, or most herbs, with drugs such as Sarafen, but in low doses it should be fine.

Interactions with birth control pills
Q. I would like to take maca, but am afraid it may weaken the effect of my oral contraceptive. Will it interfere with the potency of my birth control pill?
A. We have not seen any studies regarding its influence on the birth control pills, we suspect there would not be much if any of an influence but until studies are done we can’t be sure.

Estrogen like activity
The in vitro biological activity of maca extracts.
Cell Biol Toxicol. 2006.
The biological activity of methanolic and aqueous maca extracts from dehydrated hypocotyls was studied on rat hepatocytes and human breast cancer MCF-7 cells. The findings in the present study show that maca does not display in vitro hepatotoxicity. In contrast, a slight cytoprotective effect, probably not mediated by antioxidant capacity, was noted. Maca extracts exhibited estrogenic activity comparably to the effect of silymarin in MCF-7 cells.

Testosterone levels
One human study did not find maca herb to have much of an influence on testosteone levels. However more research is needed to determine its full extent on the human body.

Weight loss or gain
Q. I just started taking maca and have noticed a weight gain. is this a side effect?
A. We are not aware of maca influencing weight gain although not enough human research is available to make a confident statement.

Maca side effects, risk, danger
I have recently tried maca and have had side effects from this supplement. I took my first 2 pills of 500 mg each on the afternoon day one. That evening I noticed my lymph glands were tender, but didn’t think too much about it. On day two, I took 2 500 mg in A.M., and 2 500 mg at noon. By that evening, my lymph nodes were extremely sore and swollen. I began doing web research, and found FEW sites that mention the potential adverse effects. Every site seems to say there are none! Yours mentioned glucosinolates and thyroid, but I’m not sure what this exactly means. I have stopped taking it, and I am still searching for the answer as to why I had this contraindication. I would also like to somehow make others aware that maca is not necessarily a supplement without adverse effects. Any help or information as to what I should have my doctor look for (because of the maca side effect, it is obvious there is something wrong in my body) would be greatly appreciated. Please post some type of warning for others researching maca and any potential negative side effects!
Every herb or supplement has a potential side effect if too high a dose is used. Water can kill people if someone drinks three gallons at one time. The suggested dose of maca is 500 mg in the morning. This is the first we have ever heard of this natural plant causing this type of adverse reaction and we are not sure if this is unique in your case or whether these types of side effects would occur in other people using such excessive amounts.

Q. What is a safe maca dosage to obtain the benefits of this herb without the side effects?
A. A dosage of 500 mg a few days a week should be safe way to take this herb.

Q. I purchased maca root powder and add that to my power shake everyday after a hard workout. According to what I have read about maca, a Peruvian ginseng, which is great for rebuilding the adrenal gland to handle our body’s stress function. However, I received an alarming email from my mother-in-law . My mother-in-law had read an article about the danger of eating / or drinking amca herb which is a Peruvian ginseng. She said it’s a herbal “drug or supplement” and is being claimed as able to improve sexual function. The article stated that it will cause liver damage and increase the possibility of prostate or ovarian cancer. It also states that there is no evidence that it can really improve or increase the sex drive. She advised me to discard it, and treat it as poison. She forewarn me to be especially careful avoiding taking any herbal supplements from foreign countries, because they have never been proved as effective for what they claim yet all the side effects have never been documented or revealed. Is this true?
A. Maca herb has been used for centuries by local Indians in the Andes mountains. Research does show that maca herb improves sex drive. As with any herbal supplement, it is best to use it in reasonable amounts and to take breaks from use.

Recipes in food and use by children
Q. I am seeing the use of maca in raw food recipes and I wonder, it is safe for children since I wan to prepare foods with it for my child? Could we over dose using maca as a food ingredient?
A. Yes, too much maca can cause alertness and insomnia. It is best to learn how different amounts of maca affect you so that you know the potency of the particular maca product before mixing with food. We have not seen research with children but occasionally small amounts should be fine as long as the dose is low and you don’t overdose.

Maca helps improve energy levels and also provides an enhancement in sexual activity. Other sexual herbs to consider include tribulus, horny goat weed and tongkat ali.

Q. Can you direct me toward an herb that with use might lower my voice? I’m a 48 yr. old male with a woman’s voice. I have a tenor singing voice. I understand that if I can find some exercises that will stretch my vocal cords that might lower my voice range. I was looking on a transgender website and was reading their blog and read where a woman who was changing herself to a man was lowering her voice whenever she kept maca in her diet. When she would stop taking maca her voice would revert back to her old self. I’ve considered testosterone therapy, however, I already have extensive male-pattern baldness and don’t want it to get worse.
A. We are not familiar with the use of maca to deepen voice. Let us know if it works for you.

Q. I had been looking for an alternative to hormone replacement therapy as I had a total hysterectomy seven and a half years ago. Although my surgeon prescribed HRT immediately after my operation and I was fine on it, my GP took me off it about a year later owing to the possible risks even though there is no breast cancer in my family. He strongly suggested that I do without it if I could cope with the hot flushes. I live in the France and am currently 55 years of age. Having always been an extremely bubbly and energetic individual I had found myself becoming exceptionally tired, miserable, and soon felt worn out after just a morning’s work in the house. I also noticed that gradually, and probably only over the past year or 18 months, I had been experiencing vaginal dryness to the point where intercourse was extremely painful and therefore impossible. I was therefore prescribed a small tablet which is inserted into the vagina daily and then twice weekly to overcome this. I found this extremely unpleasant to have to keep inserting and therefore decided to search the internet for possible other alternatives, hopefully natural ones. It was there that I found Maca. I am almost through my first tub and so have probably been taking it for about 5 weeks. I am taking 1500 mg per day – 2 tablets per day and purchase this from a UK-based company. Within a couple of days I felt much brighter and thought I was imagining it. I am not one to dwell on things, and just “get on with it”, but I really have felt such a difference. My energy levels have increased considerably and this weekend I was just able to keep going and going at getting my jobs done in the garden and around the house, as I used to do. Also, intercourse has resumed and although is still a little uncomfortable for me, it is at least now possible! I see in your report that you say that Maca did not alter hormone levels. I believe this was in relation to men, but assume that this would apply to women also. Excuse my ignorance on this but I therefore wonder how Maca has improved my vaginal lubrication, as would this not be hormonal? I would be interested to know. I do hope that my explanation above is helpful to you as I believe on your website you said you would be interested in hearing from women going through menopause.
A. Perhaps maca has an influence on the local tissue level, or the change in hormone levels that it makes are not large enough to be picked up by blood studies. Or, it could influence neurotransmitter levels or the countless other substances in the body that have an influence on the body. Human biochemistry is extremely complicated and researchers cannot measure everything when they do studies. We are really glad that maca has helped your menopausal symptoms and we hope it continues.

Interactions with medications
Q. I received a bottle of maca root from a friend who sells Peruvian herbs. I took 1 capsule with lunch and it didn’t bother me, except to make me a little tired. Next day I took my daily meds — propranolol, protonix, spironolactone, and chlortrimeton (or the same combination of ingredients anyway) all within a few minutes with some coffee. I didn’t eat anything, which could have made a difference although the bottle says it can be taken with or without food. The manufacturer is Whole World Botanicals. In about an hour I was in terrible pain throughout the middle of my back and had to crawl off to bed, where I slept on and off for several hours. Might that be a side effect of maca root, the combination of things I took, or possibly taking all of those on an empty stomach? I’m afraid ever to try it again, which is a shame, because I have fibromyalgia and it’s supposed to be good for that. But I can’t be taking something that causes a burning, searing pain in my kidney area when what I need is pain relief.
A. It’s extremely difficult to know whether maca was the cause or the other medicines, or the combination. Most herbs have not been tested in combination with other prescription drugs, so we don’t know what effect they would have when taken together. We have not had any reports of such pain after taking maca by itself.

What the research says about maca root
Feeding maca root extracts to normal male mice increases the frequency with which they couple with female mice. Human studies with maca herb indicate supplementation leads to enhanced sexual desire.

Fertility and infertility treatment
Feeding maca herb to rats prevented high altitude disruption in sperm formation. Additional research indicates feeding it to rats decreases the size of their prostate gland which perhaps is a benefit to men with prostate enlargement if maca root has a similar effect in humans.

Q. I read an article that maca root extract will increase semen which I have this problem. Should one take maca root extract and horny goat weed together or by it self to help with semen production?
A. We suggest trying one herb at a time for a month.

Interactions with dietary supplements, natural pills
Can maca herbal pills be taken together with amla pills?
We recommend first learning how each one effects you by itself.

Raw Material and ingredient supplier
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