LJ100 tongkat ali health benefit and side effects, review, testimonial, a potent extract of the plant with powerful effects and thus should be used cautiously
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November 15 2016

LJ100 is a potent extract of Tongkat ali, a potent aphrodisiac.

Dosage, review of benefits, caution about side effects on high doses
We do not suggest using more than a 25 mg dose since side effects are very likely on high doses. However some people, especially big men, may need 50 mg initially to notice the sexual boost.
There are people who do not notice an effect on 25 mg and may require, at least in the beginning, 50 or 75 mg. Once the benefits begin, future dosage should be lowered.

How quickly does it work?
Although some people will notice an effect the first day of use, the best results are noticed on the second or third day, even if a supplement is not taken the third day. It often has a delayed effect, unlike Viagra, Cialis and Levitra which work within hours.

Long term use, safety
As to long term use, each person is different. It depends how often you have sexual relations and how much sexual enhancement you want to feel. Take the least amount that suits your needs.

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Supplement Facts
Tongkat Ali LJ100 – 25 mg each pill
Eurycoma Longifolia jack LJ100 standardized to 40% Glyco saponins and 22% eurypeptides
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This is high quality and potent standardized Tongkat Ali extract. LJ100 is used for improving energy, increasing stamina, physical endurance, and sensual performance. This natural sexual enhancing product comes from the purest raw material supplier, direct from Malaysia.

Timing, best time to take
Makes sure to take it on an empty stomach in the morning as soon as you wake up. If you take it mid morning or later, you could have trouble sleeping that evening.

LJ100 for women and men
Women also benefit from this natural sexual plant, not just men but their effective dosage is less.

Suggested Use: For libido maintenance, take one capsule every other day or every third day. Some people may notice the effects by the evening of the first day, or the next day, but most people will realize a sexual interest enhancement after a few days. It depends how attuned you are to your body.

Alternative to LJ100 Tongkat ali
As an alternative, you could consider Passion Rx with Yohimbe which has this potent extract as one of the more than a dozen plant aphrodisiacs. Both Passion Rx and LJ100 are potent, taking a full pill of each together could result in side effects of too much energy, increased body temperature, rapid heart rate, and insomnia. It is better to have a gradual enhancement of sexuality rather than taking high dosages and getting side effects.

Using it for weeks or months, how to take, dosage
For long term use do not take more than 25 mg of LJ100, preferable every other day or every third day. We have had reports of unpleasant side effects with people taking more than 50 mg. Often you will find LJ100 products in a 80 mg dosage which is often not well tolerated.

Availability over the counter and online, 200 to 1 extracts?
Tongkat Ali is sold as a powder and in capsules, and it is often combined with other herbs in libido products. There are a number of tongkat ali extracts available in various potencies, and since each raw material supplier and manufacturer has a different way of preparing and extracting the raw root material, and since there are no established standards, it is difficult to give dosage recommendations that would be consistently effective. In addition to this herb being available as a raw powder, it is sold as 4:1, 20:1, 50:1 100:1, and 200:1 concentrations. There are no standards as to what constitutes a 4:1 extract versus one that is claimed to be 200:1. Hence, you have a lot of online marketers that claim their product is 100 to 1 or 200 to1 but it is difficult to know how concentrated these products are since there are no accepted standards. An excellent and quite reliable source of a potent extract is LJ100 trademarked by Herbal Powers. At the higher tongkat ali concentrations, such as LJ100, it becomes difficult to dose appropriately since the margin of error in terms of effectiveness versus side effects becomes quite challenging.

High or low dosage
Many tongkat ali LJ100 products advertised on line have 50 mg or 80 mg. Why is the product you recommend only 25 mg?
We purposely chose to offer a lower dosage since we realized higher amounts can lead to insomnia and lead to unpleasant side effects. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you will be less inclined to be at your best health. Dr. Ray Sahelian and his research team decided 25 mg would be the safest product to formulate.

Comparisons with other extracts and whole spectrum powder
How would you compare 200 mg of the powder to the LJ100 concentrated product?
We don’t know precisely how many times potent LJ100 is over the regular tongkat ali powder, but roughly it is 8 to 10 times as potent mg to mg. However, there are some differences in the chemical composition between the two products, so they have different physiological effects. The bottom line is that some people prefer to use LJ100, others like tongkat ali powder at 200 mg, still others like a combination of sexual herbs.

Q. Would you please tell us how effective are Yohimbe, Tomgkal Ali, Tribulus Terrestris and LJ100 as compared to Passion Rx?
A. A combination formula such as Passion Rx with Yohimbe which has a mix of several herbs takes advantage of the benefits of each herb while minimizing the side effects. Some people prefer a single herb whereas most people do better with a well designed combination.

Combining it with other aphrodisiac plant extracts
We prefer LJ100 be taken by itself, but after using it for a while, if you feel you know how your body responds to it, you could combine half a capsule with low doses of other sex herbs, but caution is advised.

LJ100 side effects, danger, adverse events, testimonials, experience from users
There are side effects to LJ100 when used in high doses. These include increased body temperature, restlessness, irritability, and insomnia. LJ100 should not be taken on the same day as Passion Rx or other sex herb formulas or other individual sex herbs since there could be overstimulation and restlessness. Some people may get a feeling of restless legs at night while trying to sleep.

Heart racing, arrhythmia, palpitations
I’m trying the LJ100 which I’ve been taking for a few days. The first time I took it, within ten minutes I had a racing heart, but that disappeared in less than ten minutes. That was the same reaction as I had the first time I took a product called Bali Mojo which contains tongkat ali, although the racing heart probably lasted for forty minutes. But with Bali Mojo I never felt anything on subsequent occasions that I took it and that’s been the same so far with the LJ100. Strange. If you get a side affect, do you normally get the positive effect too? Why have I had a reaction on one occasion and nothing on the others?
Yes, we have had on occasion a person say they felt a racing heart after taking certain herbs or supplements, but it did not recur again or happened infrequently. We are not sure why this happens. The side effect and positive effect may or may not be related. Some people get only positive effects, some people only side effects, others get both.

I took two LJ100 25mg capsules on Saturday about an hour before sexual activity, I experienced a severe thunder clap headache, which took about an hour to subside and was excruciating. Is this a side affect of this product? I am a 52 year old female and have taken it before with success, however, usually only took one capsule.
Headache is a possible adverse reaction on high dosages.

Was looking forward to trying your product, however, after only 1 capsule, haven’t slept all night! Severe insomnia.
This product has 25 mg which is a low dosage compared to other products that have 80 mg, you may wish to take a break for 2 days and then restart at a third of a capsule first thing in the morning. Skip your dose for a day or two, and then try it again, this time using only half of a capsule.

Can I take this sexual enhancer if I have a heart condition or taking heart medicines?
We prefer you don’t. High doses can stimulate the heart to beat faster. Consult with your doctor before using this herbal sex enhancing formula if you have a health condition or taking medications for heart rhythm problems.

I tried Tongkat Ali LJ100 80mg. After just 1 tablet, I began to sweat and have palpitations pretty much relieved with propranolol within a few hours. This was followed with aggressive thoughts and insomnia. I took no more tablets yet these symptoms continued for several days. At the end of a week my testicle volume (I would estimate) increased by 200%, and sex and aggressiveness dominated my thoughts. Midway through the week I visited my physician to see what was going on and to document this. My liver enzymes were substantially elevated. Testosterone was, surprisingly, not at all elevated when compared to a previous test. I do not know about causality on this. It could be that the Tongkat Ali was the cause, or (I believe) that perhaps the liver was damaged from some unknown cause (no Hepatitis A, B or C) which prevented the active components of the herb from being metabolized and cleared at a normal rate. Figured that you should know, so that you can add this to your warning. Oh, and my liver function has returned to normal. This took several months.
LJ100 is very potent and that is why when Dr. Sahelian formulated his product he only included 25 mg as opposed to the standard 80 mg being used currently by many companies. It is difficult to imagine that liver enzymes would be influenced by one dose, but we still don’t know enough about this herb to have a clear idea on how it influences liver enzymes.

Erectile dysfunction and impotence treatment
This is one of the more effective products on the market to use for those who wish to have a natural way to treat erectile dysfunction.

I bought a bottle of LJ100 25 mg. I read the dosage instructions which say 1 capsule every other day or 3 times a week. My question is, can I not take it as needed, like an impotence drug such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.
A. Herbs are not like drugs, they take a few days before working at their best. You can take one capsule LJ100 in the morning every other day or 3 days a week and discuss with your doctor how to use prescribed drugs. We suggest not taking Viagra the same day as LJ100. Viagra can be taken on a day when you are not taking LJ100 and it is better to use a smaller dose of Viagra than you normally do. Although they may begin to work the same day if a very high dose is used, many aphrodisiac herbs have a delayed effect into the second and third day after taking a capsule.

I just started testosterone replacement therapy as my levels were low at 230. My question is can I use any products of tongkat ali with TRT and also do you think it can increase my testosterone levels even I stop using testosterone replacement therapy.
It is not easy to predict in any one individual what effect the herb will have and what the benefits or adverse effects will occur. This aphrodisiac could raise levels of testosterone but we don’t know if the benefits continue over time with regular use or the effects are just temporary. We don’t suggest using testosterone and these products the same day.

Use with other aphrodisiac herbs or formulas
I am currently taking Argi-Vive III [a product put out by North Star Nutritionals which contains the following: L arginine 3000 .mg / niacin as niacinamide 20mg / vitamin B12 100 mcg and a proprietary blend which contains panax ginseng root extract, catuba bark, muira puama (aerial parts), ashwagandha root, gotu kola leaf, maca root, horny goat weed, epimedium grandiflorum extract (whole plant) ]. Can I also take LJ100, since what I am taking now does not do any thing for me? I did have seeds implants about 4 years ago for prostate cancer.
We suggest not taking two different products the same day but rather to first see how LJ100 works by itself for a few days.

Use with SSRI antidepressant medications
I read somewhere that it can be dangerous to take tongkat ali with SSRIs. Is this also true for LJ100?
Yes, LJ100 is potent and should not be taken the same day as a SSRI such as Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and other antidepressants.

I have had great success using LJ100 and other herbs for sexual enhancement. I recently just started taking Zoloft which is working wonderfully for me but I am experiencing a loss of libido. I read that you don’t recommend taking LJ100 with an SSRI. Is there any sexual enhancement herbs that are safe with Zoloft? Also can I take Korean Ginseng while on Zoloft.
Antidepressants of the SSRI class increase serotonin in the brain and thus dampen libido and erections. Unexpected side effects can occur when such drugs and sexual herbs, such as LJ100, are combined. Hence, even though there may be people who can tolerate the combination of a SSRI and LJ100 or other sex herbs, some people may not and get side effects and we cannot predict who will have such untoward reactions and which sexual herb will be tolerated and effective and which will not. We don’t want to take the chance recommending a particular sex herb to be taken with antidepressants and then learning that someone had a bad reaction.

Serge Kreutz and others
There is a very interesting website run by Serge Kreutz which also mentions the name of Ray Sahelian, M.D., and discusses the false or exaggerated propaganda about this LJ100. Serge Kreutz says, “In spite of, or probably because of, the pseudoscience applied in its marketing, LJ100 today seems to be the most widely distributed tongkat ali product. It’s amazing that even a physician with a generally good knowledge of herbal medicines, Ray Sahelian, MD, has fallen for their tricks.”
We like it when people have such passion for something, and in this case Serge Kreutz seems to be passionate about learning about natural sexual aphrodisiacs including tongkat ali and LJ100. However, it is premature for Serge Kreutz to be making this statement. We called and spoke with the research staff that works with the Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D. They have tested LJ100 on themselves and patients, and they are of the strong opinion that LJ100 is an effective aphrodisiac, just as other herbs including horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, yohimbe, etc We are not sure what Serge Kreutz means when he says ‘falling for their tricks.” If LJ100 is effective according to Dr. Sahelian, what makes Serge Kreutz any more of an expert?

The more I research, the more confusion. There is tongkat-ali powder 200mg (origin Indonesia) and LJ100 in what I think is an extract. On another website Serge Kreutz says do not to buy powders and not to buy product from Malaysia (LJ100) where your LJ100 product originates according to your certificate; for a number of reasons listed on his site. Will you comment on this? Secondly, why do you get powder from Indonesia and LJ100 extract from Malaysia?
You can find many opinions on the internet on a variety of topics. We prefer not to comment on other people’s viewpoints but rather we rely on one of the world’s leading authorities on natural supplements, Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., who is the bestselling author ofNatural Sex Boosters. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. According to Dr. Sahelian, and reports from users, both forms of tongkat ali, the powder and LJ100, are effective. Rather than focus on where the tree is grown, more important is how old the roots are and how well the roots are processed and how reliable the manufacturer is. We believe we have an excellent source that we buy from to make our tongkat ali and LJ100 products are effective.

Q. I am interested in using either the Passion Rx formula or just the lj100 product both as libido boosters and as testosterone enhancement for body building. Although I have tried several other testosterone boosters in the past they have had little effect on me, and the benefit has been short-term (while using the products) difficulties with sex and gaining erections. I have never taken either steroids or any of the prohormones. Is there any chance of the lj100 by itself or the Passion Rx causing the reverse effect from what they are intended? Do either of these products stimulate the feed back loop that begins the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen? How long before I should expect results or side effects while taking either lj100 or passion Rx? If they work as libido boosters, how long before I should expect to see results?
A. If used too frequently, many sex herbs or sexual products can have a reverse effect since they can cause insomnia and fatigue. It is best to use Passion Rx, LJ100, or other sexual herbal products a few days a week and take a full week off each month. Not enough studies have been done in humans to determine the hormonal effects of these herbs and they are not to be relied on for body building purposes. Most people notice sexual enhancement within 2 or 3 days. They are best taken every other day initially and then less frequently. LJ100 and Passion Rx should not be taken the same day.

Q. I came across this promotional material and would like your comments:  LJ100 has undergone a patented extraction process to capture the most potent, biologically active EuryPeptides to increase energy, enhance sport performance, and promote anabolic state by maintaining normal high testosterone level and low cortisol level. Created by the original researchers at the University Malaya and MIT, this product has shown in human clinical trials an ability to increase DHEA, increase free testosterone, increase IGF-1 level, and decrease Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). The bioactive Eurypeptides significantly increase CYP 17 enzyme production to maintain healthy androgen level. Athletes taking LJ100 experience significant increment in fat free mass, greater decrement in body fat, increase in muscle mass, and strength compared to the placebo group.
A. LJ100, in high dosages, can cause increased body temperature, rapid heart beat, and insomnia. We are not convinced at this time that it is a useful herbal extract for sports performance in the long run.

Use with dietary supplements, interactions
I am taking MacaPause by Fememessence. Can I also take LJ100 along with this or separately, if at all.

We suggest learning how each one influences you by itself. The tongkat ali extract is quite potent and needs to be treated with caution.

Use with prescription medications, interactions
I am taking pill for my blood pressure and cholestrol and also taking Seroquel for my panic disorder. Can I take this Tongkat Ali LJ100 for my sex drive and desire improvment?

We cannot be specific in what a person can or cannot take, but if your doctor approves you could try half a capsule.

I’m 67 years old and very strong for my age. I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I was very active in my sexual life. Two years ago a mild “Parkinson Disease was detected in one side of my body and expecting to spread to the other side but…thanks God, that never happened and still is the same until today, which is very rare for the Neurology Dr). The Dr also found that I developed an “Enlarged Prostate” with all the discomforts that both diseases bring to our bodies. My regular Dr is on vacation now to consult him, but for what I read in your article, I have all the symptoms of Low Testosterone… I can have an erection, but I can not sustain it in order to have sex…I’m married for more than 40 years and I love my wife deeply, and I know indeed she is “suffering in silence” because of this, even though she keeps saying: “It’s OK, it doesn’t matter”… It is very sad and frustrated for me not be able to fulfill my obligations as a husband, when I did it for so long… I feel so down in my inner being that I don’t even want to share the same bed with her… It is too painful for me to hurt my wife without any intention. My question to you is: “Can I take Tongkat Ali LJ100 extract without any problem, considering I am taking prescription medicines for “Enlarged Prostate” (Terazosin HCL 10mg); for Parkinson Disease (Sinemet 25/100mg and Mirapex 1mg); and for Colesterol (Simvastatin 40 mg). My Urology Dr at Kaiser Permanente told me already that he believes in herbal medicine and he doesn’t think that can hurt me in any way… I took Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but to no avail…I will gratefully appreciate if someone could return this E-Mail with an answer for my problem.
It is not easy to predict the interaction of a supplement and a medication, particularly many medications. If your doctor approves you can begin with a third of a capsule a few days a week.