Horse chestnut supplement for chronic venous insufficiency, circulation
How well does it work, benefits and adverse effects clinical trials
November 15 2016

Horse chestnut seed extract contains beta-aescin. Most studies show it is useful in the therapy of chronic venous insufficiency. Diseases of the venous system are widespread disorders sometimes associated with modern civilization and are among the major concerns of social and occupational medicine.

Compounds and substance in seed
Horse chestnut extract has a high concentration of flavonoids, including quercetin and kaempferol. The triterpene saponin escin is the active component of the extract of seeds used in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. Escin is also used experimentally to increase membrane permeability in isolated cells.

Compression stocking therapy and horse chestnut seed extract therapy are alternative therapies for the effective treatment of patients with edema resulting from chronic venous insufficiency.

Planetary Herbals Horse Chestnu supplement 300 mg pill
Planetary Formulas Full Spectrum horse chestnut delivers a minimum of 20% aescin, the primary extract in horse chestnut for assuring potency.

To insure a healthy vascular system, increase dietary intake of flavonoid-rich foods such as vegetables, onions, grapes and blueberries. Avoid excessive periods of standing or sitting, and exercise regularly.

Horse Chestnut supplement research

Circulation in veins, varicose veins
The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of Venostasin (600 mg of horse chestnut seed extract) and 360 mg of Pycnogenol (French maritime pine bark extract) in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Pycnogenol was found to be more efficacious than Venostasin for the treatment of CVI. Those taking the
Pycnogenol had a reduction in leg pain and swelling.

I am interesting to try horse chestnut supplement for my varicose vein. It’s 10 cm long behind my knee. Some time it’s heavy and painful. I am located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Is it possible for me to get this product in Jakarta, please tell me the address.
You may wish to visit the link of horse chestnut at the top of the page.

Cause of varicose veins, genetic?
Simple genetics may explain why some people get varicose veins, the unsightly, painful bulges that appear on the legs when blood pools in the veins. Researchers based in Scotland report that people whose mother, father, brother or sister has varicose veins are more likely than those with no family history to develop the condition. In contrast with previous research, the investigators did not discover any relationship between varicose vein risk and certain lifestyle factors such as diet, smoking and mobility at work. Varicose veins also occurred more commonly among men, a finding that contradicts previous research showing varicose veins appear more commonly in women. Men and women who were relatively tall and women who were obese were also more likely to show signs of varicose veins than others.

I have the disease of hemorrhoid and fissure. I need information about the use of horse chestnut for the treatment of fissure and hemorrhoid. Is it helpful to put raw horse chestnut in the boiled water and sit in it to heal the pain caused by fissure and hemorrhoid.
We are not familiar with this treatment.

Does horse chestnut herb help with post breast cancer arm lymphedema?
We have not seen human research regarding the use of this herbal product as a treatment for post breast cancer arm lymphedema.

I have been researching horse chestnut seed extract product for use on a horse that I have. I know you do human work, but, I was hoping to try this product on this horse. He is a 15 year old gelding about 1300 to 1500 pounds. About 2 months ago his hind leg blew up (it was infected) .. it happened again but now is holding quite a bit of swelling …. I was hoping that the horse chestnut seed extract would help … horses have little real circulation to their lower legs … and from what I read this product can/will address that …. but how much would I give to a horse? I I purchased the horse chestnut seed extract from but they came with no real instructions.
We have no idea what the right dosage would be, nor do we have a clue whether horse chestnut seed extract would be helpful in improving circulation to a horse’s lower leg.


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