Good Night Rx natural sleep formula, a natural aid at night to be used occasionally for better rest
November 30 2016

Currently not in stock. See the supplements below for additional options to sleep better naturally.

If you would like to learn about natural ways to improve sleep habits and to purchase supplements that help fight insomnia.

Natural sleep supplement options
GABA gamma amino butyric acid, GABA pill may not work as well for sleep by itself, it is better combined with other sleep inducing plant extracts

Chamomile herb is used to provide a mild sedative effect, (matricaria recutita) flower

Hops herb (humulus lupulus) flower – Hops and valerian herb work well together to induce sleep.

Valerian plant for sleep and insomnia issues, best when combined with other sleep herbs, (valeriana officinalis) root

Kava (piper methysticum) root

Jujube extract (zyzyphus jujube) seed

5-HTP (griffonia simplicifolia) seed

Lavender (lavendula augustifolia)

Magnolia (magnolia officinalis) bark

Passion flower product helps with relaxation and sleep (passiflora incarnata)

Peppermint (mentha piperita) leaf

Melatonin (very small amount of melatonin in this product)

Good Night Rx natural sleep formula
Developed by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Good Night Rx was formulated to be used in the evening about two to three hours before bedtime. The following are some reasons a person may wish to take this all natural insomnia aid:

In order to provide natural help from occasional sleepless nights. This all natural sleeping pill is not as powerful as high dose pharmaceutical sleeping pills, but it can help you relax and provide a deeper sleep than you would otherwise. This herbal product is as effective as a low dose prescription sleeping pill. It is not formulated for those who have chronic insomnia and are hooked on pharmaceutical drugs since it is recommended to be used at most 3 nights a week. Underlying causes of insomnia should be addressed.

To reduce stress and frustration. If you have had a difficult day at work or suffered an emotional matter, a capsule can be taken in the evening to help occasional simple nervous tension or nervousness due to common every day overwork and fatigue. Good night Rx can provide a relaxed feeling to help you calm down and gently soothe away tension, helping you partially or mostly resolve that irritability that ruins your day.

Suggested Use: Take one capsule one to three hours before bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach. This natural sleep aid does not work as well when taken after a meal such as dinner.

Can I take 2 capsules of Good Night Rx at one time?
Only if you have previously tried one capsule and another night you feel you need a higher dose and your doctor approves.

Caution: Do not take Good Night Rx if you are planning to operate heavy machinery, planning to cook a meal, driving, or engaging in mental tasks that require full alertness. Do not use it more than 3 nights a week, and take a week off each month.

Q. Good Night Rx is for occasional insomnia what if I have chronic insomnia and have used Ambien cr regularly will this be a good replacement? Can this natural herbal sleep formula be used every night? Is it a natural supplement also for depression or anxiety?
A. Good Night Rx was formulated for use no more than 3 times a week for occasional insomnia. Everyone has occasional trouble sleeping and this is not a disease. Chronic insomnia is considered to be a medical condition and Good Night Rx cannot claim to treat this since the FDA would then categorize it as a drug as opposed to a dietary supplement. It does not have a strong influence on depression or anxiety.

Good Night Rx side effects, safety
Thus far we have not had reports of nightmares, memory problems, or grogginess in the morning with the use of Good Night Rx. There are occasional reports of difficulty with maintaining a strong erection the morning after using the sleep formula, and this resolves itself by the afternoon or evening.

Information on use with prescription sleep medications
Can I take Good Night Rx with a pharmaceutical sleeping pill such as Ambien or Restoril?
We discourage the use the same night as an insomnia drug.

Can you tell me if it’s safe to take Good Night Rx while pregnant? I am currently 11 weeks, and having trouble staying asleep at night, and was considering taking this supplement.
We have not tested it during pregnancy and thus do not know whether it is safe. It would be best not to use Good Night Rx during pregnancy to be on the safe side.

Questions and emails
Q. I have insomnia and nervousness with occasional diarrhea. Could you give me the breakdown of the amount or percentage of ingredients are in the product. How much 5-htp and so on. Will it upset my stomach or cause more nervousness? Can I take this with St Johns wort or Ativan? How long do I need to be off of an SRI antidepressant?
A. Good Night Rx is a proprietary blend, meaning we don’t reveal the exact ingredients to prevent our competitors from copying the formula. Almost everyone finds Good Night Rx causes relaxation and sleepiness. St. John’s wort is taken in the morning, and Good Night Rx is taken in the evening. We don’t suggest using it at the same time as Ativan or pharmaceutical medicines that cause relaxation or sleepiness. Being off one day from a SSRI antidepressant is enough before using Good Night Rx. Good Night Rx should not be used more than three nights a week. It is not formulated for chronic insomnia, but rather occasional sleeplessness. On the nights when Good Night Rx is not being used, pharmaceutical medicines can be taken if your doctor approves.. High doses of St. John’s wort can cause insomnia.

Q. Can I take a second capsule after I have taken one capsule? Also, is it okay to take a prostate formula in the morning?
A. Some people benefit from taking a second capsule of Good Night Rx 1 to 2 hours after taking the first one.  Prostate Power Rx for prostate health can be taken in the morning and the sleep aid at night.

Have you had any trouble shipping Good Night Rx to the UK
It can be shipped to England and UK countries.

Q. I intake 700 mg of natural caffeine, would like to know if I take Good Night Rx last thing at night will that kill off the caffeine and help induce my sleep.
A. Good Night Rx helps induce sleep and maintain sleep. It is taken 2 or 3 three hours before bed on an empty stomach and the majority of users are very content with the benefits. It is not possible to predict the response in any one individual.

I was curious as to whether or not Good Night Rx pills are time-release capsules or not and also as to the exact amount of ingredients within each recommended dosage. Is there a way to get a copy of the entire label on the product and/or a picture of what each capsule looks like?
This is a proprietary blend and we cannot reveal the exact amounts of the ingredients. Good Night Rx is not time release and it is a normal capsule that can be opened by pulling on each side. It is taken on an empty stomach 2 to 4 hours before bed.

I am on Klonopin 0.5 mg once at night for sleep. I want to get off this medication. Can I take Good Night Rx to help myself wean off the Klonopin? If not, do you know of any product that can help me achieve this goal?
Good Night Rx helps induce and maintain sleep in most users but it is not possible to predict any person’s response. Normally it takes longer for natural products to work after stopping a prescription medication since the brain becomes used to drug.

I’ve recently received the order. This is meant for my dad who’s recently had problems sleeping due to a switch in drugs from his doctor. For 3 nights, he couldn’t sleep when his doctor took him off a previous drug (not sure what it was called) and replaced it with Hydroxyzine 25mg. Now my dad has become accustomed to Hydroxyzine 25mg and refuses to go off it. He can sleep now. However, I’m also trying to ease my dad out of taking conventional drugs, hence I’d purchased Good Night Rx for him. Can you advise if Good Night Rx can be taken in conjunction with Hydroxyzine 25mg? And I will slowly ease him off the latter over time. I also understand that he can only take Good Night Rx 3 times in a week. Can you confirm it? My dad usually goes to bed at 9.30pm and is accustomed to taking his dinner at 5.30pm. Is it ok for him to take Good Night Rx at 5pm?
Yes, the pills can be taken at 5 PM. As to the combination, we have not had any such feedback from users who have tried the natural sleeping pill and the medication, but if his doctor approves he may consider taking roughly half a hydroxyzine pill when taken the same evening as the herbal formula. It’s difficult to be more specific since each person has a different reaction.

In your opinion what is safer to use for a sleep aid? Good Night Rx or 3 mg. melatonin? I am weaning off HRT and Lexapro and need a natural supplement to help with insomnia. I took just for one night 3mg. of melatonin and it did help, but have since read it could be harmful. Are either of these products addictive or have side effects? I just recently ordered Mind Power Rx for mood lifter. You advised against pregnenolone so I ordered your product today. I sound like I am a mess but I now learned to stay off antidepressants!! Lexapro withdrawal has not been a “picnic”…but I am improving. I am also in the medical field. I also have hypothyroidism, either of these supplements affect this condition?
Good Night Rx and melatonin are both good supplements and they can be used 2 or 3 times a week, but not the same night. It is not easy to predict the interaction of supplements and thyroid conditions, but, as a general rule, low dosages of supplements do not have much of an effect on thyroid function.

My dad’s been taking GoodNight for 3 nights each week. He’s been taking it for a month now. He’s just wondering whether he can increase to taking it 4-5 nights each week, so that he can reduce his hydroxyzine pill to half on those days he is taking Good Night, Rx as he doesn’t want to rely too much on chemicals to help him sleep. Currently he’s taking it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. If he can increase it, can you advise what other days he can take this natural sleep product?
We prefer not using this natural sleep product more than 3 days a week, preferably every other evening.