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November 11 2016

Alternative treatment with herbal supplements and remedies
Male erectile dysfunction is defined as the consistent inability to obtain or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual relations. For many years patients relied on medications for treatment, but now there is a growing number of effective herbs and supplements, providing a natural alternative treatment to these ED drugs.

Passion Rx herbal natural alternative to erectile dysfunction drugs and medications
We are proud to announce a wonderful blend called Passion Rx which has Tongkat Powder anc extract which you can purchase online. The formula includes more than a dozen aphrodisiac herbs.

Supplements used for erectile dysfunction alternative treatment include lj100, mucuna pruriens extract, horny goat weed herb, maca, and catuaba, semen cuscutae or cuscuta seed.

Erectile dysfunction alternative treatment and natural therapy and remedy questions
Q. I’m a 52-year old man who is searching for an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. I’ve been seen by a doctor and apparently my heart is in pretty good shape, my cholesterol levels are excellent, blood sugar levels good; I guess I’m just getting older. Passion Rx sounds like it might be worth a try, but I’ve had nosebleed problems for many years.
A. Passion Rx has been sold for over 13 years and not even one case of nosebleed has been reported.

Diabetes and supplements used for ED
Q. I’m a diabetic and I’m currently taking metformin 50 0mg twice a day. I’m suffering from erectile dysfunction and I’m thinking about taking l-citrulline 750 mg three times a day and l-arginine 500 mg three times a day as alternative treatments to dilate my blood vessels.
A. It is not possible for us to predict whether a supplement or medication will work. It is quite likely, though, with trial and error, and with medical supervision, that you will find a supplement or formula that helps you. We are not very impressed with either arginine or citrulline amino acids as an alternative treatment for ED although they temporarily increase nitric oxide production.


Q. Recently saw an ad in Golf magazine about Zyrexin as an enhancer for erectile dysfunction and started to do my research on this product. I had never heard of Zyrexin before. I had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and had the radical prostatectomy. It’s been about 8 months and still can’t seem to get a full erection. Was wondering if this type of erectile dysfunction product would help me. My doctor gave me a prescription for Levitra. I was hoping for a more natural alternative recovery with natural supplements.
A. We prefer not to comment on other products unless they make claims that are truly untruthful. Zyrexin has butea superba which is thought to help with ED.

Can a person take a natural herbal enhancer every other day and vitamin E in between those days? I heard vitamin E is good for ED also.
Vitamin E should not interfere with the use of natural aphrodisiacs.

Causes of ED
Various factors factors involved in psychological and organic causes of this condition, and causes of low libido but for now we wanted to let you know about a discovery regarding years of research in formulating an herbal blend to enhance sexual stamina and support healthy erectile function.

Can I use Viagra or Cialis in combination with Passion Rx male enhancement pill for my ED? I’m 49 and want results for ED and easier ejaculations. No problems with the sex drive, but I could use some sensitivity aid. Also, how can this work for my male symptoms and a woman?
Passion Rx is best not taken the same day as Viagra or Cialis, but can be taken 2 consecutive days before intimacy followed by Viagra or Levitra on the day of the sexual act. The sexual enhancing effects of this natural herbal product can linger, or even be better, a day or two after stopping it. Male and female sexual response are much more similar than people realize in terms of the biochemistry involved. Please have approval by your doctor. Many people find that a lower dosage of the prescription ED drugs works just as well once they have the herbal aphrodisiacs in their system.

I have been confronted with erectile dysfunction for almost three years now. I taken most of the leading brands of medications, and herbs including the expensive and painful Boston Medical group treatment but no avail. Does Passion Rx Yohimbe treat erectile dysfunction challenge and early ejaculation challenge?
Passion Rx with yohimbe is a very popular product, it contains Eurycoma Longjack LJ100 and many people also like alternating it with Prostate Power Rx. Please discuss with your doctor regarding the use of these supplements. There is no way to predict any individual person’s response. We wonder what the Boston Medical group treatment is.

Supplements that have a negative effect
I want to know when taking 5-htp supplement can it be taken with traditional Chinese herbs that treat ED and impotence. Will 5-htp decrease the level of blood flow in the genital area.
This serotonin precursor does decrease sex drive and the ability to have a strong erection.

Supplements with no effect
Does CoQ10 improve erectile dysfunction?
Coq10 does not seem to play a major role in erection, at least it does not have a quick effect on sexual enhancement one way or the other.

Alternative treatment products for ED
Etana effectiveness
J Impot Res. 2009. A new herbal combination, Etana, for enhancing erectile function: an efficacy and safety study in animals. Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, Petra University, Amman, Jordan.
We present herein a new herbal combination called Etana that is composed of five herbal extracts including Panax quinquelotius (Ginseng), Eurycoma longifolia Tongkat Ali, epimedium grandiflorum Horny goat weed, Centella asiatica Gotu Kola and flower pollen extracts. Most of the above-mentioned extracts have a long historical and traditional use for erectile dysfunction ED. On the basis of the mechanism of action of each of the above, a combination is introduced to overcome several physiological or induced factors of ED. This study was conducted to show an enhancement of erectile function in male rats. When compared with sildenafil citrate, Etana induced similar sildenafil. Furthermore, full acute and sub-acute toxicity studies showed no toxic effects of Etana.This study describes a new and safe combination of herbal components that enhance erectile function in male rats.

Organic causes of ED
There are four major causes of organic erectile dysfunction: Vascular, Neural, Hormonal, and Drug-induced. The type of erectile dysfunction determines the treatment approach.

Vascular causes
Alterations in the flow of blood to and from the penis are thought to be a common cause of male erectile dysfunction. For instance, medical conditions such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high cholesterol, hypertension, or diabetes reduce blood flow to the penis and genital organs thus leading to difficulty with erection or genital swelling. Erectile dysfunction could be an early indication of oxidative stress and vascular dysfunction. A vascular problem in the penis may precede a wider, systemic problem in other blood vessels in the body. Patients with cardiovascular disease and patients with diabetes represent the largest group with this condition. Lowering cholesterol through diet, supplements, or medicines improves erectile dysfunction.

Metabolic syndrome can increase inflammatory markers in blood and negatively influence endothelial function resulting in poor vasodilation and a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction.

I’m looking for a product that just mainly increases blood flow to the penis and helps with creating new tissues. I’ve heard that Ginko Biloba is really good for that. I’ve also heard Aveena Sativa, wheat grass and Fo Ti were some of the best things for blood flow to the genitals as well. Can u help me with some advice on what the best herbs are for increasing blood flow to the penis?
Most of the aphrodisiac herbs are of benefit in this regard, ginseng may help, too.

Hormonal causes
Low levels of androgens, such as testosterone, are sometimes a component of erectile dysfunction. Testosterone levels decline about 1 percent each year in men, which may contribute to erectile dysfunction with aging. Testosterone also declines with age in women leading to a decrease in female libido. Replacement of androgens can sometimes be helpful in those with age related erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is available by prescription only. An over the counter hormones, such as DHEA, converts into testosterone and thus has a positive influence on erectile dysfunction. Pregnenolone is another over the counter hormone that may increase testosterone levels and thus improve erectile dysfunction. Many herbal aphrodisiacs also have a positive influence on erectile dysfunction. Routine hormone blood studies for erectile dysfunction evaluation are not needed during the initial evaluation but perhaps later if treatment modalities are not successful. Prominent diseases of the endocrine system, such as diabetes mellitus, hypogonadism, and hyperprolactinemia, may cause erectile dysfunction. Sometimes erectile dysfunction treatment with hormones such as DHEA or testosterone can be effective.

Drug or Medication-induced
Drugs that interfere with erectile function include some blood pressure medications, SSRIs (like Prozac), sedatives, and beta-blockers. SSRIs – treatment for depression – cause erectile dysfunction mostly due to their effect on serotonin metabolism. Serotonin has an inhibitory effect on erectile function and sexuality. Beta blockers such as propranolol, atenolol, and others, are some of the most common medications that cause erectile dysfunction.

Surprisingly, NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and naproxen also cause erectile dysfunction. Regardless of the reason for taking them, painkillers classified as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) apparently increase the likelihood that middle-aged and elderly men will develop erection difficulties. A study involved 1126 men, between 50 and 70 years of age, without erectile dysfunction in 1994 when they completed a questionnaire that included, among other things, questions about erectile function and medication usage. The questionnaire was then re-administered five years later. The investigators found that the erectile dysfunction rate was 93 cases per 1000 persons per year among NSAID users compared with just 35 cases among nonusers.
Some chemicals involved in the human sexual response include dopamine, acetylcholine, and nitric oxide. All these three natural chemicals and others can be manipulated n the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Alcohol’s negative affect on sex drive increases with age. Heavy smoking is an important risk factor for erectile dysfunction in men.

Certain drugs cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. The most common of these drugs are the SSRI antidepressants such as Prozac, and beta blockers such as propranolol. Beta blockers are used for cardiovascular conditions. However, it was a surprise when researchers in Finland found that the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in middle-age and elderly men. NSAIDs include prescription and over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen mainly used for arthritis or musculoskeletal pain.

I have come to the conclusion that I am one of those men over 50 who are experiencing ED. Recently, I was unable to maintain an erection hard enough for anal intercourse with my lover. During our time together, I noticed he went to the bathroom very briefly and returned with a ‘flagpole’ erection. Excuse me for being blunt but he returned with a ‘bone hard’ erection. Our encounter was very brief and seemed ‘staged.’ After researching the literature, I believe that he must applied a ‘prostaglandin-derivative’ cream to his penis. He also gave me the number for a clinic that specializes in ED. I am hesitant about using alprostadil cream; since the sex is so matter of fact or wham bam, thank you man! What do you think I should do? Below is a list of Rx and supplements that I take daily; as well as my exercise regimen and drinking habits. Lisinopril 10mg/day/am I was diagnosed with idiopathic HTN at age 49. Zoloft 50mg for depression / moodiness. DHEA 50mg for better resistance and stamina, glucosamine and chronditin complex for joint ache and pain, table wine with evening meal (1-2 glasses) 2-3 times a week.
Zoloft and other SSRI drugs used for depression can cause ED and so can certain blood pressure medications and excess use of hormones.

I have tried 1 mg Ativan and  propranolol separately, and while they have helped to reduce heart palpitations, they give me ED.

Medical conditions
Certain medical conditions cause erectile dysfunction or reduce libido, performance, or enjoyment. These include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity, peripheral vascular disease, neurologic disorders, and insomnia. Erectile dysfunction  is almost twice as common in men with symptoms of overactive bladder as it is in men without overactive bladder. Tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs can all damage a man’s blood vessels and/or restrict blood flow to the penis, causing problems. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

How effective are Erectile Dysfunction Drugs?
The relative benefits and harms of pharmacologic therapies for ED, as well as the value of hormonal testing in men with ED, are uncertain. To evaluate the efficacy and harms of oral phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors and hormonal treatments for ED and assess the effect of measuring serum hormone levels on treatment outcomes for ED. Two independent reviewers abstracted data on study, participant, and treatment characteristics; efficacy and harms outcomes; and prevalence of hormonal abnormalities. Data, primarily from short-term trials (≤12 weeks), indicate that PDE-5 inhibitors were more effective than placebo in improving sexual intercourse success. The proportion of men with improved erections was significantly greater among those treated with PDE-5 inhibitors than with placebo. The PDE-5 inhibitors were associated with increased risk for any adverse events compared with placebo (for example. In 4 head-to-head RCTs comparing sildenafil, vardenafil, and tadalafil, improvement of ED and adverse events did not differ among treatments. Results from 15 RCTs evaluating hormonal treatment of ED were inconsistent on whether treatment improved outcomes. Evidence was insufficient regarding whether men with ED had a higher prevalence of hypogonadism than men without ED. Many RCTs were of low methodological and reporting quality, particularly those involving hormonal treatments or directly comparing different PDE-5 inhibitors. Most RCTs provided only short-term efficacy and harms data. Oral PDE-5 inhibitors improved erectile functioning and had similar efficacy and safety profiles. Results on the efficacy of hormonal treatments and the value of hormone testing in men with ED were inconclusive. Annals of Internal Medicine Nov 2009.

Testimonial, patient experience, report
Q. I am 55 and have had this problem for several years. I have been on testosterone therapy and Cialis for about a month. It is not working sufficiently. All it is doing is keeping me preoccupied with what it is not enabling me to do and keeping me awake at night with the desire but no capability.