DMAE adhd autism supplement dosage benefit and risks, adverse events
Attention deficit treatment
November 21 2016

DMAE is known chemically as dimethyl-amino-ethanol. It has been known in Europe by the product name Deanol for more than three decades. it has two methyl groups and is chemically similar to choline. DMAE has been popular for many years in those interested in improving mental alertness and clarity of thinking.

This brain enhancer is usually sold by the name of DMAE bitartrate. A 351 mg pill yields 130 mg of actual DMAE. It is also available as liquid. One product contains 35 mg per drop. Most users notice an effect from 60 to 150 mg of actual DMAE.

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ADHD, attention deficit
Q. I’m an editor of a health magazine. I have learned a lot from Dr. Ray Sahelian’s web site. I have been seeing my doctor for two years for chronic pain, depression and ADHD and haven’t had much luck with any prescription medications. Recently I placed an order with Physician Formulas for a DMAE product because my struggle with ADHD had pretty much become overwhelming and some days I just didn’t care whether I dealt with anything or not. The feeling of not being able to handle the things that came up in my life and career, accompanied by living with post op scoliosis pains since the early 80’s — had pretty much turned into full blown apathy, which in turn was making undone things more overwhelming. So the day after Thanksgiving I’m lying in bed at 11:30 AM, wondering how I am to get control of my life in time for Christmas projects, when the mail runs. My DMAE products came. I took one immediately, after a short while got the urge to actually get up and do something instead of forcing myself to like usual and thought OH great another placebo effect. Well that was two weeks ago and I am still amazed, not to mention my shop is full of many of the aromatherapy items I had been meaning to get made…. and they are actually finished! AND I look younger, people have told me so this week. I do face exercises for sagging skin but wanted more results — I love the DMAE cream except for the kiwi fragrance and plan to get some DMAE serum, too. The younger look may also be that I am more alert and don’t have near as much trouble listening to conversations, I make a lot more eye contact with people. My life is very different now than it was before DMAE. I still hope to experience the lucid dreaming at some point, though. I still have the pains but they don’t hold me back as much now and they are not on the top 5 list of things in my head anymore. I doubt that I would have tried this without reading all the valuable information on Dr. Sahelian’s DMAE web site.

Clinical trials goes back to the 1950s. One double blind, placebo-controlled trial performed in twenty-seven patients with severe Alzheimer’s disease did not show significant benefits. Another study on twenty-one patients with memory deficits was also discouraging since no improvement was found in memory. However, DMAE was found helpful in patients with age related mental decline. DMAE was given in a dosage of 600 mg a day for four weeks to fourteen older patients. Ten patients improved and four were unchanged. The patients had reduced depression, less anxiety, and increased motivation, but they had no improvement in memory. The researchers say, “the results thus suggest that although DMAE may not improve memory, it may produce positive behavioral changes in some senile patients.” Dementia is a term that is now substituted for senility and is sometimes used to denote a severe case of age related cognitive decline.

DMAE bitartrate supplement 350 mg, 60 Capsules (provides 130 mg of actual DMAE)
Suggested use: Take half or one DMAE capsule in the morning with breakfast.

Health benefit
Most people notice being more alert and focused within a couple of hours. The effects can last most of the day. A few report a higher sense of wellbeing. DMAE is recommended to be taken in the early part of the day. Bacopa monniera is an herb for memory loss, this is an herb from India and is found in Mind Power Rx.

Anxiety, tension
Will 5-htp or dmae help in anxiety based tremors?
A. It may make it worse, not sure about 5-HTP but the latter can help calm anxiety.

Bipolar disease, manic depressive
Is a DMAE supplement okay to take if a person has bipolar disease?
We have not seen any human research regarding its role in the treatment of bipolar disease. If your doctor approves, you can start with low dosages, such as a third or half a capsule.

Children, kids
Could I give DMAE product to my 9 year old son who has learning difficulties. He also is on Tegretol medication because an EEG showed epileptic form patterning, although he is not epileptic or does not have seizures.
We don’t know the influence of DMAE on seizures, but we prefer not mixing herbs and supplement with anti-seizure medications.

MAO inhibitor drugs
I am interested in using dimethylaminoethanol. I would like to know if it has any effect on MAO enzyme. I read contradictory information, that it raises and that it lowers MAO.
We have not seen specific research on the influence of DMAE on MAO enzymes or inhibitor drugs. However, DMAE is a methyl donor and methyl donors have an influence on neurotransmitter levels.

Is DMAE cream effective for wrinkles?
Perhaps, there has not been enough research with it to know for sure.

DMAE side effects, safety, risk, adverse events
DMAE is available in dosages ranging from 100 to 400 mg. It is best to start with a low dose, such as 50 to 150 mg since high doses can cause anxiety, restlessness, and muscle tenseness in the neck and shoulders. When taken late in the day it may cause insomnia.

I took two capsules of DMAE supplement twice daily for 3 days and found these dosages can induce irritability, overstimulation, anxiety, headaches and stiffness in the jaw, neck, and shoulder.
Yes, these are common adverse effects.

Are there side effects if a DMAE supplement is taken along a libido lifter like the herb tongkat ali?
Yes, there could be tenseness and irritability.

Q. Just finished reading comments on the side effects of DMAE which were scary. I was about to order Mind Power Rx which contains 25 mg of DMAE and then changed my mind. I’m not taking any chances of it’s side-effects. When it is removed from the formula, then and only then will I purchase it.
A. Side effects of DMAE occur usually when the dosage is above 300 mg. Side effects of almost all supplements and medications are dosage dependent.

Combining with other mind enhancers, interactions
I have read all your comments on CoQ10, DMAE, acetyl L-Carnitine, and ginkgo as I have purchased these products myself recently. I have not started taking them as I would like to know if it is safe to take these 3 product together. Will 50mg of DMAE, 50 mg of CoQ10 and 250 mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine taken together three times per week in the morning be safe and beneficial? Or should I take them separately and less often?
A. It is best to take them separately for a week or so in order to have a good understanding of how they make you feel. Later they can be combined in low dosages but it is not easy to provide specific dosage suggestions since there are many variables that influence this.

Comparison to other brain enhancers
Which is a more potent nutrient for mind focus and alertness, DMAE supplement or alpha GPC supplement?
DMAE is more potent but Alpha-GPC is gentler and has fewer side effects.

Q. I am trying to find the Dr. Mary Ann Block Natural Tart Flavor DMAE dietary supplement so that I may buy 3 bottles of it that has 60 wafers.
A. We are not familiar with DMAE supplement made by Dr. Mary Ann Block.

Can my granddaughter have to much DMAE in her blood? She is eleven months old an has been tested for food allergies. She showed a high allergic reaction to fish. My daughter took a prenatal supplement that had a fish oil pill included in the package. I feel desperate to find an answer for her, so any info would be appreciated. Would GABA be good for her?
Sorry, but it is not possible for us to know how to help her without knowing the full history, medical exam, and review of blood studies.