Velvet Deer Antler supplement pill information for aphrodisiac use, tablets not capsules
November 16 2016

Benefit and side effects
We are not aware, as of 2016, of specific human studies regarding the role of deer antler velvet supplement in erectile dysfunction (see natural ways to treat impotence and which aphrodisiac supplements work and where to buy quality, effective ED herbs and pills) or what specific benefits and side effects that it has.

Velvet Deer Antler Velvet tablets, Planetary Herbals pills, capsules but tablets
Supplement Facts: Amount Per 2 tablets:
Velvet Deer Antler 500 mg pill
Suggested Use, dosage: One velvet deer antler tablet in the morning before breakfast a few times a week or as directed by your doctor.
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Velvet deer antler as an aphrodisiac
Research studies in relation to its aphrodisiac properties and sexual function in humans are quite limited. A Russian study with pantocrin, an extract from deer antler velvet, showed the extract to stimulate sexual behavior in rodents more than ginseng. Another study showed velvet to have anti-inflammatory properties and potentially helpful in rheumatoid arthritis.

Toxicity, danger
No toxic effects have been found with deer velvet when tested in rodents.

Bodybuilding and physical exertion, exercise, athletic performance
A study done in Canada did not find deer antler velvet to have muscle strengthening or exercise enhancing potential with this substance.

Velvet deer antler libido enhancement product is sold in a variety of dosages, most commonly 250 mg. Since these products are available from many countries and regions, one can expect variations in composition between different products.

Product questions
I am looking for deer velvet that is the Korean cervus Temmink. Is the Physician Formulas deer Velvet a cervus Temmink. Also where is your antler coming from, USA, New Zealand or Canada?
This deer antler velvet product is made by Planetary Formulas, imported from New Zealand, and you may wish to contact them directly for more specifics.

Full spectrum deer antler velvet supplement product. I would like to know how many percentage of the velvet tips is used in the production?
This is a question that Planetary Herbals, who makes the product, is more likely to know the answer.

I was wanting to know if this formulation has blood in it. I read all your information about velvet antler. I know that the velvet has blood vessels. Do you know if they they drain the blood? Or is it all ground up together?
To the best of our knowledge, the blood vessels are closed off by the time the velvet is removed.

What’s in it?
Velvet deer antler is named after the soft, velvet-like covering that deer antlers have before they turn bony. Antlers are organs of bone which regenerate each year from the heads of male deer. In addition to bone, support tissues such as nerves also regenerate. Nerves grow up to 1 cm each day. Antler velvet contains many substances including amino acids, minerals, proteins, anti-inflammatory peptides, hormones, gangliosides and glycosaminoglycans, and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1. The composition of velvet supplements depend on the diet of the deer, climate, time of year, age of stag and the various concentrations of substances in different regions of the antler velvet itself.

Elk antler velvet question by consumer
I am thinking of taking velvet elk antler supplement and am concerned because I read that it contains or elevates estradiol or estrogen. As I am a 59 year old male, I have no interest in elevating my estrogen levels. Do you feel it is safe to take elk antler velvet in order to help elevate my testosterone levels and IGF1? Is there any difference that you know of between elk antler and deer antler?
A. One should not take a supplement based purely on changing the levels of one or more hormones. Herbs and supplements usually effect many physiological, hormonal, and neurotransmitters in the body, not just one or two. It is preferable to focus on what you want to improve in your body and take an herb or supplement that focuses on this rather than trying to micromanage specific hormone levels. Furthermore, little research is available in humans to determine the specific actions of these herbs on various hormone levels in the long run. We have not studied elk antler velvet to determine how different it is from deer antler velvet. Plus, such products from different farms and different processing labs are likely to provide different substances within the supplement.