Clavo Huasca herbal extract uses as an aphrodisiac plant by men and women
November 16 2016

Benefit and side effects
Clavo huasca (Tynanthus panurensis) is a large woody vine indigenous to the Amazon rain forest and other parts of tropical South America. The name means ‘clove vine’ (clavo = clove or nail; huasca = vine) and refers to the rich clove-like scent of the trunk and leaves. Sections of the trunk and stems are macerated in aguardiente (sugar cane liquor), producing a drink said to be an aphrodisiac. A tea made from the clove vine is used to treat rheumatism, and the sap is used to treat fever. Additional aphrodisiac plants that come from the Amazon are Catuaba and the herb Muira puama.

Availability and dosage
Clavo huasca is sold as an extract and capsules. One product has 500 mg of vine in 1 milliliter of extract (30 drops). Another company has a product containing 300 mg of clavo huasca per capsule.

Where to purchase or buy
We do not know of a good high quality source of this vine extract, but we suggest you rather try a high potency combination formula called Passion Rx with Yohimbe which has Tongkat root extract. It can be purchased at Physician Formulas.

The herbs in Passion Rx include Ashwagandha herb, catuaba herb, Cnidium herb, Muira Puama, tribulus, tongkat ali, and Yohimbe bark. There are many herbs that help sexuality, one of them from China is cistanche.

Although clavo huasca has been used historically in South America for a number of conditions, hardly any research is available in the West. Therefore it is difficult to give any firm recommendations on its use. If you wish to use it as an aphrodisiac plant, consider instead the following aphrodisiac formula.

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What’s in the plant?
Clavo huasca contains alkaloids, eugenol, essential oils, tannins, and tinantina.

Historical Aphrodisiac uses
In Peruvian herbal medicine, clavo huasca is regarded as an aphrodisiac for both men and women and is a component of aphrodisiac tonics siete raices (seven roots) and veinti uno raices (twenty-one roots).

Which herbal extract is more potent, clavo huasca or tongkat ali?
The latter is more potent.

What Does the research say about the herb?
Unfortunately, we are not able to find any human research with clavo huasca herb in the Western medical literature.