CDP-Choline supplement pill benefit and mental enhancement 250 mg, 500 mg capsules
November 1 2016

CDP-choline is short for cytidine 5-diphosphocholine, an intermediate in the biosynthesis of membrane phospholipids and brain acetylcholine. It is approved in Europe and Japan for use in stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders. In a way, you could consider it as more potent form of choline. Studies show that it helps make phosphatidylcholine in human brain cell membranes in older individuals; may increase acetylcholine synthesis; improves mental performance in patients with Alzheimer’s disease; and even improves memory in elderly patients with memory deficits. A Belgian study has shown that administration to dogs improves their ability to learn and remember.

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This nutrient is a much better mind booster than phosphatidylcholine or a related substance called phosphatidylserine. An effective brain formula is Mind Power Rx with Bacopa Monnieri and ginkgo biloba herbs.

Stabilized CDP-Choline is a naturally occurring, water soluble biological compound that is an essential intermediate for the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, a major constituent of the grey matter of brain tissue (30%). It is metabolized to yield the free nucleotide cytidine and choline. Scientific research demonstrates that consumption promotes brain metabolism by enhancing the synthesis of acetylcholine, restoring phospholipid content in the brain and regulation of neuronal membrane excitability.

Oral pills versus injection
Q. I started taking Jarrow cdp choline after i learned that hgh declines by over 70% by my age which is 71. I read where successful double blind studies of cdp choline used injections with remarkable results for a variety of ailments from improving memory, reversing age related brain deterioration, recovery from stroke, vision improvement. Is taking cdp choline supplements orally as effective as an injection. Also, I chose cdp choline over other pituitary hgh stimulants such as GABA, L-arginine and L-lysine, and L-glutamine as the life extension foundation found that cdp choline was shown to increase GH fourfold. I researched Jarrow a little and they have an impressive scientific research panel which makes me more confident using their products.
A. We suspect oral pills are as good as injection.

What is the difference in action and potency between choline bitartarate supplement 500 mg and the Jarrow cdp-choline 250mg? If I wanted to take an amount equal to 900 mg of phosphatidylcholine, would that just be just one 250 mg capsule of CDP choline? Would you say the ratio is 1:4 for example?
A. As to mental effects, the cdp choline is more potent, but choline is used by the body for other purposes. It depends on your reason in using these supplements. If it is for mental enhancement, the former would be more effective. It is very difficult to say since, even though they are similar, do follow different metabolic pathways. There is some overlap but not fully. Therefore it is not easy or practical to mention an accurate ratio since they have metabolic actions that differ somewhat from each other, even though they have some similarities.

Research  and benefit
The administration of oral CDP-choline may be of use in reversing age-related changes in the brain. It helps to increase levels of phosphodiesters such as phosphatidylcholine and glycerophosphoethanolamine in the brain. These phosphodiesters form part of the cell membrane of brain cells and their levels are known to decline with age.

Alzheimer’s disease
Double-blind placebo-controlled study with citicoline in APOE genotyped Alzheimer’s disease patients. Effects on cognitive performance, brain bioelectrical activity and cerebral perfusion.
Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol. 1999.
Cytidine 5′-diphosphocholine is a an endogenous intermediate in the biosynthesis of structural membrane phospholipids and brain acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter whose levels can be influenced by dietary supplements. CDP-choline has been extensively used for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders associated with head trauma, stroke, brain aging, cerebrovascular pathology and Alzheimer’s disease. Thirty older patients with mild to moderate senile dementia (GDS: stages 3-6) of the Alzheimer type were included in a double-blind, randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trial. Patients were treated with i) placebo or ii) 1,000 mg/day of citicoline for 12 weeks. As compared to placebo, cdp-choline improved cognitive performance in Alzheimer’s disease patients with APOE E4; and this improvement on cognition was more pronounced. CDP-choline also increased cerebral blood flow velocities in comparison with placebo when transcranial Doppler recordings from both hemispheres were considered together, as well as diastolic velocity in the left middle cerebral artery.

Brain tumor, glioma
I’ve learned that cdp-choline is neuroprotective and great for many memory-related issues. However I’m wondering if it’s something that should be taken by a person with a glioma that was removed via surgery and was treated radiation and chemotherapy temozolomide.
We are not aware of any research regarding its role on post glioma surgery or any type of brain cancer treatment.

Erectile dysfunction, impotence, lack of libido
We are not aware of specific human studies regarding the role of cdp-choline in erectile dysfunction as of 2016. Tongkat ali is a much more potent natural aphrodisiac, and so is Passion Rx with Yohimbe.

Memory, mental enhancement
Can CDP-choline supplement be taken the same day as acetylcarnitine?
Yes, if the dosage of each is cut in half.

Stroke benefit
Findings recently presented at the American Stroke Association’s 27th International Stroke Conference indicate that CDP-choline may be helpful in reducing damage after a stroke. The most common cause of a stroke is blockage of a blood vessel within the brain, which leaves a portion of the organ starved for blood and oxygen. Bleeding within the brain can also lead to stroke. Much of the brain damage is caused by a cascade of harmful chemicals released by dying cells. Researchers at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders in Bethesda, Maryland, reported data on two trials of the supplement citicoline, sold in some health food stores or on the internet. One of the studies involved 41 patients who received 500 milligrams of cdp-choline daily for 6 weeks after having a stroke. In the other, 62 stroke patients took 2,000 mg of the drug every day for 6 weeks. The trials also included 111 patients who received an inactive placebo. The researchers gauged the supplement’s effectiveness by measuring the size of the infarct, or area of dead tissue. They scanned patients’ brains within 24 hours of the stroke and again 12 weeks later. At the end of the study period, the investigators found that infarct size measured by MRI scans had increased by 85% in patients on placebo, by 34% in patients receiving the 500 mg dose of cdp-choline and by only 2% in patients receiving 2,000 mg.

Safety of CDP-Choline and side effects, danger
Toxicology studies show that it is safe and produces no serious side effects in doses ranging from 500 mg to 1,000 mg a day (Secades 1995). However, most of the studies lasted less than a few weeks. Long-term safety is not known.

Recommendations and review
CDP-choline has been used successfully in Europe for many years but clinical experience in the US is limited. This nutrient appears to have a more direct and immediate effect on the brain than its cousin choline. However, it is difficult to predict at this time the long-term benefits or risks of regular use. It is a promising nutrient and we suspect that with time it will become more popular.

Within an hour of taking a 250 pill CDP-choline pill on an empty stomach, many people notice being more alert and motivated. The effects last a few hours. In addition, colors seem brighter and sharper and occasionally there can be a slight libido enhancement. Because of the alertness it produces, I have difficulty sleeping if I take this nutrient in late afternoon or early evening.

Interactions with other dietary supplements
Can CDP-choline pill be taken together with phenylalanine?
Too much stimulation may occur if both are taken in full dosages.

I saw on the web that contains 20 mg of CDP Choline, 40 mg of Dimethyl Glyciene, 65mg of Ashwagandha powder, 1mg of Ginger root, 1mg of Piper Longum extract, 0.5 mg of Bioperine, 250 mcg of NADH,10% Mucuna Pruriens, 25% L-Dopa, 25% Panax Ginseng Extract, L-Arginine HCL, L-Tyrosine, 2% Yohimbe Bark Extract, 10% Horny Goat Weed, 40% Icarin, 40% Macca Powder, and 40% Tribulus Terrestris Extract. Can you tell me if this is a safe combination of ingredients to take? I’ve heard yohimbe is dangerous, especially when taken with ginseng. But since its only 2% yohimbe would this be safe to use? I was also thinking about taking the Fo Ti herb to kind of neutralize or balance out the yohimbe.
We prefer not to comment on products we have not developed. Safety of a supplement depends on dosage, and if using a product for the first time it is a good idea to take a portion of a tablet or capsule.

CDP Choline pill works great for prioritization, and transitioning from one task to another. Seems to have long term benefits even when I quit taking it for two weeks. I take Now Foods CoEnzyme B Complex with it (they work great together).