Apple Cider Vinegar Diet, will it help you lose weight? This supplement is often found in weight loss formulas but what does the research say?
October 20 2016

Apple cider vinegar is made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid. The fermentation process begins by adding sugar and yeast. The yeast turns the sugars into alcohol. Later, the alcohol is converted by acetic acid-forming bacteria into vinegar. Acetic acid gives vinegar its sour taste.
Apple cider vinegar diet products are advertised in the popular press and over the internet and have been popular for many years. However, we are not able to find any human research regarding and documenting their effectiveness. At this time we don’t have any strong evidence to recommend such a regimen for weight loss. However, even though there has not been much human research, it is possible that that it has health benefits that we are not aware of yet.

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It has been recognized as a versatile folk remedy used traditionally for many years. It is believed to help regulate the body’s acid / alkaline balance but there is little scientific evidence to support this claim since any mild acidic fluid, when ingested, is neutralized quite quickly in the body unless perhaps in those who have a serious kidney disease.

Apple Cider Vinegar – 500 mg per pill
(concentrated to 35% acetic acid)

Suggested Use: Take one tablet before both lunch and dinner each day, or as recommended by your health care professional. Each tablet contains the equivalent of 2 tsp. of liquid apple cider vinegar.

Effectiveness and benefit
The main reason that the apple cider vinegar diet may would work in some people is the recommendation to eat moderate portions, watch the nutritional composition of the food, and get exercise. Just doing these alone is often enough to maintain or lose weight.
The health benefits of this drink have been touted by Patricia Bragg, the author of several books on apple cider vinegar. Patricia Bragg encourages¬† three organic apple cider vinegar glasses daily mixed with raw honey. She sells Bragg’s products and promotes them as ray ban outlet a natural cure for acne, candida, arthritis, skin health, hair, cholesterol, blood pressure, yeast infections, and many other conditions… with little or no research to back these claims.

Acne and pimples, skin health
Is raw apple cider vinegar diet a remedy for acne?
We are not aware of any research regarding it for skin health or hair growth.

Arthritis and osteoarthritis
Is raw apple cider vinegar a remedy for arthritis?
We have not seen any such studies regarding benefits for joint health or to treat osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Weight loss, does it work?
We don’t think focusing on a single supplement or drink such as the apple cider vinegar diet is a long term weight loss solution. Diet Rx is an herbal formula that helps people eat less.

Internet claims regarding the apple cider vinegar diet
We did a search in google for ” apple cider vinegar diet ” and came across the following claims

“There are numerous advantages to the apple cider vinegar diet:. Smooth metabolism functioning; Reduction in cholesterol level, Regulation of the cell water content in body; assistance in regulation of blood pressure, smooth functioning of circulatory system, assistance in maintenance of body temperature.”

“Use can be traced to ancient Egyptians. It was believed that apple cider vinegar propelled the body metabolism to burn fat faster. Its cholesterol reducing properties might be the secret behind its ability to burn fat too. The combination of acetic vinegar and fruit pectin may be effective in weight loss. While proponents of the diet claim that a few teaspoons of apple vinegar before a meal can help you shed weight, others call it a fad diet.”

“There are literally thousands of people over the years who swear by that they have benefited from the apple cider vinegar diet. Testimonials show it relieves arthritis stiffness, sore throats, acne and other skin problems, removes liver spots, reduces cholesterol, and improves digestion and burns fat.”

Availability over the counter, where to purchase, sale and discount
Apple Cider Vinegar is available as a drink, tablet, or capsules. You can find this product sold online or in various health food stores.

Does an apple cider vinegar pill have the same health benefit as drinking the liquid?
It’s difficult to say since there are quite a number of different companies that make pills and quite a number of companies that make the drinks. But, as a general rule, both are likely to have similar actions.

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