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Is there a love potion formula that works safely to improve sexual pleasure and function? Is there a diet that can help improve sexual pleasure?
January 1 2017

Formula, review, for a man and woman
An aphrodisiac is defined as any substance that can arouse or enhance sexuality and pleasure. This substance could be a food, drug, herb, spice, or any kind of animal or plant material. Many scientists and doctors would be surprised to learn that aphrodisiac plants do exist, and have been known for millennia. There is such a thing as a love potion formula (more like sex rather than love) but it takes a few days to become most effective, rather than immediately.

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Passion Rx with Yohimbe for men and women. Passion Rx is a popular aphrodisiac formula for men and women which works very well to enhance libido, sensation, pleasure, and performance.
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Tribulus Terrestris Extract herb is a good aphrodisiac plant that works quite well.
Other effective sexual improving herbs include yohimbe bark and maca. Some of these may be helpful as an impotence treatment in a man.

How quickly do benefits appear? How soon do they work?
Once the effects from the aphrodisiac herbal enhancers begin within a few days, the benefits can last a day or two longer even when no further pills are taken. Some people only need to take these pills 2 or 3 days a week to maintain full arousal. Yohimbe herb is one of the few that works quickly within hours but high doses have side effects.


Plant Information
There are hundreds of plants with Natural Aphrodisiac properties. We will just mention a few.

J Complement Integr Med. 2012. Efficacy of aphrodisiac plants towards improvement in semen quality and motility in infertile males. Dhanaji Nana Mahavidyalaya, Faizpur. Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. In the present study, herbal composition prepared by using medicinal plants having aphrodisiac potentials was administered orally to the albino rats for 40 days and to the oligospermic patients for 90 days in order to prove the efficacy of herbal composition. Herbal composition was the mixture (powder form) of the medicinal plants namely, Mucuna pruriens, Chlorophytum borivillianum, and Eulophia campestris. In the neem oil treated albino rats, there was significant reduction in almost all the parameters viz. body weight, testes and epididymes weight, sperm density and motility, serum levels of testosterone, FSH, and LH compared with control rats. Treatment with said herbal composition for 40 days results significant increased in the body weight, testis, and epididymes weight in rats. Concomitantly the sperm motility and the sperm density were significantly increased. After 90 days of treatment with this herbal composition, sperm density vis-a-vis motility was increased in patients with low sperm count as a result of elevation in serum testosterone levels. No side effects were noticed during the entire duration of the trial.

Love potion is real?
What do people mean by the term aphrodisiac love potion? Is this a particular product or are there many products that are considered in this category? How can I make a home made version?
A. An aphrodisiac love potion is any product that has sexual stimulating property. Many years ago there was a book called Love Potions which made the term more popular. You can make a home made formula by mixing any number of plant extracts in juice or a little bit of brandy or other form of alcohol. There are dozens to choose from including Tongkat Ali, mucuna pruriens, horny goat weed, catuaba, muira puama. The easiest way is to buy the existing capsules rather than searching for the bark or root. With trial and error you can create your own potent potion.

Liquid versus capsule or tablet
Does an aphrodisiac drink work better than a capsule or tablet?
Perhaps, but a capsule gets absorbed quite well and quickly, therefore we don’t see the advantage of using a drink product. Plus, the drink would be much more expensive and not have as long a shelf life.

Side effects, adverse reactions
Some of these natural plants and extracts can have a stimulating effect and increase heart rate. Therefore they should be used with caution in those who have heart disease or taking heart medications.

Seizure, epilepsy
I have a seizure disorder, are aphrodisiac herbs safe to take?
A. Hardly any aphrodisiac herbs have been studied for their influence on seizures, therefore it may be best not to use them unless specific research is published on their safety.

Influence on blood pressure, hypertension
I am a MD and have purchased several supplements from Physician Formulas. I chose not to try any formulation with yohimbe as it has raised my blood pressure. My hypertension is well controlled (Atacand 32 mg and Vasotec 5 mg ) and by eliminating yohimbe I am able to tolerate aphrodisiac supplements including damiana, maca, muira pauma, and tribulus. I did consider Passion Rx without yohimbe , but there seem to be a number of other aphrodisiac ingredients with stimulant properties. I am considering trying catuaba, tongkat ali (only a few days per week) and arginine amino acid. Is this reasonable? Also, do DHT Blockers (commonly seen in hair regrowth regimens such as follicare, including Avodart, Proscar, and Propecia) adversely effect sexual function and act as anti aphrodisiac medications?
A. The influence of aphrodisiac herbs on blood pressure is dose dependent. Meaning, lower doses would not influence blood pressure much whereas higher amounts may raise blood pressure. Yohimbe is known to increase blood pressure and it is possible tongkat ali may also. DHT blockers such as finasteride and Avodart do have a negative influence on sexual urges and genital sensation. Generally, those who have high blood pressure or heart problems should be taking lower dosages and be more patient in getting the results from the aphrodisiac herbs.

Roots, herbs, leaves, barks, and other plant materials from around the world that have sexual improving benefits
Aphrodisin, an aphrodisiac lipocalin secreted in hamster vaginal secretions.
Peptides. 2004.
Vertebrates communicate through pheromones, which favor biological regulations within each species. Aphrodisin, a protein belonging to the lipocalin superfamily, found in hamster vaginal secretions, is detected by the male accessory olfactory system and induces or facilitates its copulatory behavior.

Asparagus plant
Asparagus racemosus roots are popular for their aphrodisiac and immune enhancing properties.

Burada plant
The bark of Parinari campestris, in Guyana known as burada, is frequently used as a aphrodisiac in the same way as bois bandé.

Chuchuhuasi plant
Chuchuhuasi or chuchuwasi is a common name for some members of the genus Maytenus, found in Peru and Colombia. An infusion of the bark is used not only as a famed aphrodisiac but also as a muscle relaxant.

Cistanche is a Chinese herb that in high dosages can cause slight visual blurring.

Clavo huasca is an aphrodisiac plant found in the Amazon.

Cnidium monnieri is a Chinese herb found in many herbal male and female enhancement product.

Deer antler velvet sexual enhancement is used by Chinese doctors.

Shilajit is from Asia, an Ayurvedic substance, it is a rock exudate and may be helpful for sperm production

Palwen from Chile
Chileans are rediscovering the ancient herbal remedies of the Mapuche indigenous tribe, including a sexual energizer touted as a natural Viagra and other inexpensive alternative medicines. Chile’s largest native ethnic group, the Mapuche, who live mainly in the Temuco area of southern Chile, have long used a wide variety of herbal remedies for everything from arthritis and acne to a lack of libido. One of the most popular aphrodisiac remedies is palwen, known as “Mapuche Viagra.” The Mapuche, whose name means people of the earth, are famous for their fierce resistance to the Spanish conquest. Their modern-day population is relatively small, and indigenous culture is not as influential in Chile as in other Latin American countries.

Seahorse or seadragon
I was wondering if you are familiar with the herb Seahorse or seadragon and it use as an aphrodisiac? Do you possibly know what active component it is that gives it its benefit? Have there been any modern research on this. I ate Seahorse when I was in china en experienced a very stimulating effect as well as increase sexual interest.
We are not familiar with seahorse or seadragon.

Damage to penis?
I have read somewhere that natural or herbal sex enhancing supplements and similar other sex boosters may have a damaging effect on tunica albuginea. a sheath in the penis, leading to formation of plaques and ultimately a angularly bent penis. a condition known as Peyronies disease. I would like to be informed in details about this query.
A. We have seen no data that show the tunica albuginea is harmed by natural plant herbal products.