Androstenedione benefit side effects review of health concerns, are there other natural hormones as alternatives?
January 20 2017

Benefits, side effects, review and alternatives
Androstenedione is a natural steroid hormone that was available over the counter up to 2004 and then it was banned for OTC sale. There are still three other hormones available over the counter including melatonin for sleep help, DHEA natural androgen, and pregnenolone. The FDA has banned its sale as an over the counter supplement.

Conversion of hormones in the body and mind
Basically pregnenolone is converted into DHEA, which is converted into androstenedione, which can then be converted into testosterone and estrogens. Androstenedione is mostly made in the adrenal glands and testicles but can also be made in other parts of the body. This hormone is banned by the International Olympics Committee, professional tennis, the National Football League and the National Collegiate Athletics Association. It possibly remains legal in professional baseball, where McGwire’s admission to using it during the season when he hit a record 70 home runs boosted its popularity.

Does androstenedione have any benefits?
Some body builders anecdotally report that they notice increased strength on the days they work out when they use the hormone. Others use it occasionally to boost sex drive or wellbeing. Those who are young and already have high levels of testosterone or androstenedione in their system are not likely to notice much of a sex boosting effect. Middle aged and older individuals may notice the benefits more easily.

An alternative to consider is the hormone 7-Keto-DHEA available over the counter.

Anti-aging, lifespan, longevity
Does taking androstenedione have anti-aging benefits?
There is no research that can tell us whether using this hormone leads to a longer life. It is possible that high dosages could shorten lifespan and tiny amounts in older individuals could be helpful. This is just a guess.

Hormone testing before use
Is hormone testing necessary before taking androstenedione or other hormones?
Hormone testing should only be done if, after a thorough medical examination and routine blood studies, a doctor suspects that there is a possibility of a significant hormone deficiency.

Weight lifting
A highly publicized study indicates that androstenedione may not live up to its hype. The study published in the 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association compared 300 mg with a dummy pill in 20 men ages 19 to 29 during an eight-week weightlifting program. Researchers found no difference in strength between the two groups of men.

Androstenedione side effects, safety, risk, danger, toxicity
This hormone can have androgenic side effects include acne, scalp hair loss, facial hair growth in women, aggressiveness, and irritability. Chronic use can also raise levels of estrogen, something that could lead to enlarged breasts and an increased risk of certain types of cancer. Prostate enlargement could be a concern in older men. Long-term effects of regular use are currently unknown.

I took an androstenedione hormone pill along with a Tongkat Ali herbal supplement and I was sweating, irritable and angry, very aggressive.

Future potential
Doctors sometimes prescribe dhea or testosterone to middle-aged and older men and women in order to increase libido and wellbeing, along with bone strength. Androstenedione, the father of testosterone, may be an alternative.

Summary and review
At this point, based on our limited knowledge, it is difficult to make any firm recommendations. If you are planning to take it, either for its body-building potential (which is not proven), or its sex boosting effects (which not everyone notices), limit your dosage to less than 30 mg, and take it only temporarily, that is, for a few days at a time. Have off periods of a few weeks or months between use in order to minimize any potential side effects. Androstenedione may be beneficial to those who are found to be deficient in testosterone. It may perhaps be an alternative to testosterone replacement.

Androstadienone hormone
A derivative of testosterone, androstadienone is found in male sweat as well as in saliva and semen. It smells somewhat musky.

19-Nor Androstenedione
Hello I am looking to buy a prescription for 19-Nor Androstenedione, do you have any idea how I would go about or if I even could.
We don’t keep us with the variations of androgenic hormones since we feel there is a high risk of short term and long term side effects with these hormones and it is best to steer away from them.

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