7-keto DHEA supplement benefit and side effects – new research and benefits
Is this product safe, are there any dangers or safety issues?
Can it be combined with other hormones, prescription and non-prescription drigs?
January 1 2017

Benefits and claims
Proponents claim that the benefit of 7-keto DHEA is that it cannot altered to active androgenic or estrogenic hormones but retains the immune enhancing, memory-improving and thermogenic effects (heat producing) that of DHEA, the over the counter hormone sold in doses of 5 mg, 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg. However, this does not make much sense. The physiological mechanisms that lead to the benefits of 7-keto dhea should be similar to those that lead to side effects. It is not possible to just have benefits since adverse reactions can occur, also.

Benefits of 7-Keto
DHEA hormone has sexual enhancement properties. We suspect 7-keto has a similar effect. We recommend a natural pill Passion Rx with Yohimbe instead for sexual enhancement.

Sexual enhancement
Q. I find 7-keto dhea helps with sexuality, but I prefer using a sexual herbs rather than hormones for my impotence. What about avena sativa, tongkat ali or tribulus, do these aphrodisiac herbs help?
A. There are several herbs that work well as male and female enhancers.

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Passion Rx with tongkat ali for sexual enhancement, better libido, and improved performance and stamina in men and women. This is an herbal alternative to using hormones for sexual improvement or to treat erectile dysfunction in men or sexual dysfunction in women.

I have read feedback from women who experienced apparent sexual identity changes after using 7 keto dhea. They confirm they have developed strong attraction to their own sex, do you have such testimonial or feedback about this. I know dhea levels directly affect sexual orientation and when dhea is high and testosterone is low female homosexualism theoretically occur.
A. Elevation of androgens, whether dhea or testosterone, and even the use of certain sexual herbs, can increase sexuality to such an extent that it can make some individuals consider the idea that being with the same gender can also be a pleasant experience. We are not sure whether 7 keto dhea is any more potent in this area than dhea itself, but androgens, in general, increase libido which may make a person desire more variety. It is known that the use of androgens or sex herbs can make some people of the opposite sex that normally were not appealing to be more desirable. The more aroused someone is, the more types and genders of people took appealing.

Weight loss pill?
This over the counter hormone has been promoted for weight loss but we do not think it is a safe way to lose weight, at least in the long term, rather we suggest you try Diet Rx.

Research and review
As of 2016 few human studies of any significance have been published. Much more research needs to be published before we can make any recommendations.

Influence on hormones in the body
Q. Regarding your concern that 7 keto DHEA does follow the pathway allowing for biosynthesis of androgens and estrogens, how does this reconcile with the following: Ergosteroids: Induction of thermogenic enzymes in liver treated with steroids derived from dehydoepiandrosterone from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. H Lardy, B Partridge, N Kneer, V Wei University of Wisconsin. Most of the findings were self descriptive in the title. However, they found that the 7 oxo steroids were not convertible to either testosterone or estrogens. I understand your reasoning, but sometimes what happens is not consistent with what seems reasonable. My inquiry was to obtain an opinion regarding the data submitted from the NAS. Having talked with Dr Lardy, he and his team are very capable researchers. It would seem to me that a better approach would be to do an androgen / estrogen baseline followed by a ratio history. Or maybe even better; a DHEA / cortisol; DHEA / testosterone; testosterone / estrogen ratio.
A. Sometimes the best way to tell is to take the supplement yourself. You may consider trying 25 mg of 7 ketodhea daily for 2 to 4 weeks and please let us know what effects you notice and we can determine if these effects are androgenic. All these tests are helpful but they don’t reveal what the hormones do within cells in different tissues of the body. What effect would they have on cardiac nodes and heart rhythm? What effect do they have on stimulation of cancer cells? What effect would 7 keto dhea supplements have on mood, alertness, sleep, behavior, aggression, hair thinning, etc. One has to look at the overall clinical picture from multiple viewpoints rather than just blood studies.

Testosterone boosting
I am searching for products that will boost my fiancee’s testosterone levels. He takes no medications yet has tested low for testosterone production. I have been considering 7 Keto DHEA. However, I have read all of the info your website has provided. The 25 mg on the label is confusing. You have indicated that 25 mg is too much and the side effects could be problematic.
A. Yes, unfortunately this product is only made in this higher dosage and hence we suggest using a portion of a capsule.

Testosterone influence
I am a 33 year old woman who is trying to conceive a child. I read 7 Keto DHEA can help with egg quality, so Achtung, I started taking 50 mg daily for one week. Then tested my blood after one week. My testosterone levels (which had been quite low two months ago) was 324! My DHEA level was 280, slightly up from when it was tested two months ago. This of course put everything on hold with our fertility plan as we have to get my testosterone down. I do not have PCOS. I read that 7Keto doesn’t raise sex hormones. But taking the 7Keto DHEA (non compounded-bought it at Whole Foods) caused my spike. I also was taking 2 pills of fish oil daily, maca root and vitamin D 5000 iu. Do you think that my one week of 50 mg a day would cause my testosterone to be high? If so, how long will it take to flush my body of the excess? I’m devastated that yet again I have to wait with cheap nfl jerseys the fears that I’ll never have a child.
A. It is not possible for us to know for sure, but it is likely that this hormone supplement could raise testosterone levels and stopping it would lower the levels back to where it was, but the time for that could vary among different people but is usually a few days or 2 or 3 weeks in most people.

Prostate gland, BPH, enlarged prostate, PSA level elevated from 7-keto-dhea
I took 7 Keto for 50 days since my doctor recommended it. My PSA went from 6.9 to 9.6 in those 50 days. Cause and effect. I stopped it and after 30 days PSA dropped to 7.9 another 30 days dropped to 6.4.

Weight loss, losing pounds
7-keto DHEA for weight loss – this is a press release sent by Humanetics corporation
The ingredient division of Humanetics Corporation recently announced that a newly published study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry revealed that 7-Keto dhea reverses the decrease in Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) normally associated with dieting and increases RMR above basal levels of overweight adults. RMR is the amount of calories that the body burns while at rest and accounts for approximately 70% of all calories burned in the average day. This 5-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of forty-five overweight adults (34 women, 11 men) on a calorie-restricted diet revealed that the administration of 7-Keto to overweight adults in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet safely reversed the decline in RMR normally associated with dieting. In addition, 7-Keto also demonstrated an ability to increase RMR above basal levels without any stimulant mode of action and may benefit overweight and obese individuals with impaired energy expenditure. The study concluded that 7-Keto DHEA produced a statistically significant increase of 5% increase in RMR and no serious adverse events were encountered during any of the treatment periods. 7-Keto dhea enhances the activity of three thermogenic enzymes – Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, Malic Enzyme & Fatty Acyl CoA Oxidase. The up-regulation of these three enzymes results in a higher metabolic rate.
Founded in 1988, Humanetics Corporation is a privately held corporation that markets 7-Keto for weight loss, MicroLactin for inflammation and joint health and Inzitol for glucose transport and creatine uptake by muscle cells.
Our comments: There are other natural supplements that are helpful for weight loss, and the use of hormones should be a last resort since long term hormone use has side effects.

My health food store manager emailed me this report. “In a recently published article in Penton Media’s Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, magazine, 7-Keto from Humanetics Corporation was named by Dr. Mark Tallon as one of the best weight loss ingredients. “As a scientist I always ask, show me the data, when it comes to products that claim to influence weight loss,” says Dr. Mark J Tallon, CEO, OxygeniX, Ltd and CR-Technologies, LLP. “The evidence for such products ranges from extensive to zero. To build back consumer confidence, we need to begin separating those proven products from those lacking data,” says Dr. Mark Tallon. 7-Keto is a naturally occurring substance produced by the body in the adrenal glands and its production declines with age. It is a thermogenic agent that is clinically proven to increase metabolism and promote healthy weight loss.
We believe the use of hormones for weight loss is a dangerous approach. Side effects could occur that may not be reversible.

Comparing two hormones
It seems that would be very important since the great majority of the side effects from supplementing with regular DHEA are considered to be caused by an increase in certain hormone levels, such as, testosterone. 7-KETO dhea, fake oakleys according to some sources, does not increase that hormone. If the action of regular DHEA is to increase the decreasing hormone levels of testosterone; thereby, affording the body the benefits of that hormone, and 7-KETO dhea is known NOT to increase that hormone, then what, if any, benefits does the latter even have? I am 59 years old and have been taking 25mg Enzymatic Therapy 7-KETO dhea for many years and would not continue if there were no benefits.
As of 2014, cheap oakleys sunglasses we have not seen any long term human research with 7-Keto dhea to determine what advantages or disadvantages it has over DHEA. Many users would like to know more about this hormone, but unfortunately our knowledge is quite limited. Hormones should only be used when there is clear necessity or deficiency.

Research study, Raynaud’s phenomenon
This article was published in Medical Hypotheses, a journal that writes about hypotheses that sometimes are accurate, and other times aren’t.
7-oxo-DHEA and Raynaud’s phenomenon.
Ihler G, Chami-Stemmann H. Texas A&M College of Medicine, College Station, USA.
Patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon have abnormal digital vasoconstriction in response to cold. The pathogenesis remains unknown but may involve a local neurovascular defect leading to vasoconstriction. Diagnosis of primary Raynaud’s phenomenon is based on typical symptomatology coupled with normal physical examination, normal laboratory studies and lack of observable pathology by nail fold capillaroscopy. Secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon is known to occur associated with several connective tissue diseases, vascular injury due to repeated vibrational trauma, and other causes which produce demonstrable vascular and microcirculatory damage. Treatment of Raynaud’s symptoms is conservative and aimed at prevention of attacks. Patients are advised to remain warm and, if possible, to live in warm climates. We suggest that an ergogenic (thermogenic) steroid, 7-oxo-DHEA, which is available without prescription as the trademarked 7-keto DHEA, may be very helpful in prevention of primary Raynaud’s attacks by increasing the basal metabolic rate and inhibiting vasospasm.

Twinlab brand
I bought a bottle of Twinlab 7 keto DHEA. is this product safe to take? Wondering if this brand offered benefit more than standard hormone product.
A. Twinlab is a reliable company therefore it is likely that the supplement fact panel is accurate.

7-OXO-DHEA comparison
I would like to ask if the dihydroxylated methylcarbonate ester of 7-OXO-DHEA would be a safer alternative? A dietary and wellness supplement currently on the market now called “Blaze” by S.A.N. contains the dihydroxylated methylcarbonate ester of 7-OXO-DHEA. I wonder if this formula would lower the risks of any cardiovascular adverse events that are being associated with use of 7-Keto DHEA at this time by your team.
A. We have not seen any human studies with Blaze by S.A.N. Hence it is impossible to say whether this form is any better or safer. Hormones have quite a lot of potential health problems they can cause and should not be used casually.

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